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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,862

Journal Archives

You know I'm sitting here thinking...

Two weird things:

1. One of the Russian planners in the filmThe Hunt For Red October was named Putin. That’s mildly interesting and not necessarily conincidental.

B. Trump was “PUT IN “ office by Putin

I’m tired and not a little inebriated.

That’s all, folks!

It seems clear to me,at least,

That that prick Stone said the he will not “bear false witness” (i.e. lie) against Trump. So he’s going to tell the truth or a variation thereof.

So this is not good news for Donnie...at least I hope it’s not.

That being said, I’m so ashamed of the fact that he’s Jewish. A shandah. Oy. It makes me want to lose my lunch.

During the SOTU, all Dems, all together shout:


Just a thought ...

Trump has Border-line Personality Disorder

Borders R Us


Borders Without Doctors


He can’t relate. To anything or anyone. He’s not wired to relate. He’s not wired for traditional emotionality. It’s the true Bizarro world. You can make no assumptions. About anything. Ever. At all. Whatsoever.

A Trumpian Modest Proposal or "What's next from the Orangina"...

After the Wall is built, Trump will propose and demand the erection of a 25,000 foot tower located in the exact geographic center of the United States. From this tower, named of course, the Trump Mega-Tower, will be broadcast speeches and information relating to the new permanent leader of these United States, Donald J. Trump and his heirs. The signal will be broadcast on every frequency, as the FCC will have shut down all conventional broadcast stations due to their propensity to deliver "Fake News". The "TRUTH" will become a part of the landscape and it will be required to place public address systems in all public places in order that the populace will not feel uninformed or "left out" in case something major occurs. "Major" is defined, almost certainly and without exception as anything which crosses a Trump's mind at any given instant.

In addition the following will be banned as a threat to National Security: The DSM-V and all preceding editions, all satire, all comedy, all volumes which contain many words of three syllables or more, voting machines not sole by Trump, Inc., membership in all organizations considered subversive which is nearly every organization in America - the list of permissible organizations to which one may belong is listed down one side on a standard 3x5 card and include: The American Nazi Party, the Ku Klux Klan, the NRA, the John Birch Society, and the Miss Teen USA Pageant Society.

Baseball will be re-segregated immediately and the NFL will be disbanded entirely (long-time Trump-watchers will know why this is occurring). The only sport not subject to these rules is basketball and betting on game outcomes is legal but taking care of the children who are compelled to attend casinos where sportsbooks are is no longer required: the casinos will use their "cages" for the children who may permanently be separated from their parents should the parents be unable or unwilling to pay their outstanding "markers". These children will be under the care of the firm hand-chosen by the First Family, Epstein, Inc.

All opposition politicians will be jailed permanently in a jail modeled after that seen in the film Ben Hur. As long as the food disappears, it is presumed that the individuals in the cells are alive. All lepers will be exiled to Eastern Long Island and their cells burned out.

All people of color and Jews not belonging to the Trump family will have 3/5 citizenship and polling places for these individuals will be strictly monitored by the firm of Stephen Miller and Associates, Inc.

Judges for all venues, local, state, and Federal, will pass strict litmus tests described separately and quietly confidentially.

All comedians and impersonators of our Fearless Leader will be shot on sight.

Stay tuned for further developments.

DEMS: Don't let those motherfuckers do it again...

These bastards take some trivial issue involving a democrat or liberal and try to make big news out of it as though it undermines the System. Witness: the so-called War on Christmas, or Obama with his tan suit or coffee cup, or this young lady's dancing, or any old shit that they deem "intolerable for the body politic".

All the while, their orange-u-tang in the White House is and was guilty of thousands of real sins against Nature, against mankind, and against the Law, and not one word out of their disgustingly hypocritical mouths.

My line to these RWers with whom I unfortunately must come into contact is that their guy is paying porn stars and Playboy centerfolds to get laid, his wife posed for pornographic photos herself, he cheated on his first wife in Atlantic City by hiding his to-be-second-wife at a dentist's house on the Boardwalk (yes I know a lot about that), he is obviously in bed with the Russians, bankrupt multiple times, dissociatively insane speech pattern, a clear paucity of language, filled with hate and bigotry, lies about everything including that which is staring everyone in the face, a probable pedophile, and generally an individual who possesses not one iota of morality or decency.

This all comes flying out of my mouth like a carnival barker, I've said it so many times. I'll keep saying it until the day that they drag his fat ass out of the White House.

You know, my brother of blessed memory passed away this past July, and one of my first thoughts was that he didn't live to see this creep removed from the hallowed position which he has defamed and diminished.

We must go full-tilt against those who seek to derail us from our mission to remove this pirate and his criminal crew.

Tell ya something interesting...

I listen to MSNBC on TuneIn streaming radio while I do my charts at the end of the day. Without the visual cues, the Rethugs always manage to take the offensive, outsmart the hosts like Ari Melber, who was really pummeled by this RW asshole aurally today, and give it up at the end with the old: "we're going to have to leave it there" BS-Phrase.

No, we don't have to leave it there: we can call the panelist a liar and ridiculous human being on the way out the way FOX does when referring to the lone Lefty or sane person who might tread on their set.

But as I said, when you listen to this stuff instead of watching it, it loses a lot of its punch for us. They need to step it up and put their feet on the throats of these bastards.

So the old joke goes:

A man wanted to convert to Orthodox Judaism. The rabbi invited him to a party so he could get to see jews having fun, and the man noticed that the men danced together, and the women danced together, but men and women never danced together. When he asked the Rabbi, he was told that in their faith it was forbidden for men and women to dance with each other.

The man became worried that maybe he had gotten himself into something he really couldn’t believe in. When he got the Rabbi alone, he asked, “What about sex?’

The Rabbi replied, “Within the marriage, sex is a mitzvah, a blessing.”

“Any restrictions on that?” The man asked. “Woman on top? Rear entry? Standing up?”

“No! No!” the Rabbi exclaimed. “Not standing up! It might lead to dancing.”

BREAKING: Trump looks to re-segregate baseball

Film at 11.

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