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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,346

Journal Archives

Nunes: "Neverthelest"

Reading his outrageous denial. A real sack of shit.

RW Lurkers: please pass this on to your Control:

If your Fuhrer thinks he had a problem at the World Series game, just you wait until he’s out of the WH and has to travel, dine, and function as an ordinary (pseudo-) person. Unless he moves to Alabama people are going to be hollering, sneering, and spitting whenever he appears. When he goes to a restaurant not at Mar A Lago his food is mightily at risk. (That ain’t a trace of Cream of Mushroom soup on that overdone steak).

Reporting the gross indignities foisted upon him will become a cottage industry. I can’t wait.

When you flush a toilet with fecal matter

There is the paper and the “log”. Now some toilets due to the construction of the flapper take a little longer to flush but eventually the force of the descending water in addition to the Coriolis Effect eject the material into the drain-waste-vent pipe. Now as we have all experienced, sometimes the log takes a little longer to go down but down it goes: either the first flush, the second flush (often due to the smaller tank of water conservation toilets) or as a last result, with a plunger.

Trump is the log: it’s only a question of effort but down he goes into the abyss of the metaphorical political sewer.

Now THIS was "Pizzagate"

These MFing anarchists neo-Nazi Congress-vermin thought they were storming the Bastille but in fact looked like a bunch of Pizza Hut diners from a broken down tour bus which was intended to attend an Amway convention.

Hey Rethuglicans:

Elections have consequences motherfuckers: you lost the House now you’re gonna get impaled on the Law. Too fucking bad. When your asswipe Senator friends get scared enough like they did in 1974, you’re really gonna be fucked.

I'm rooting for Houston in the World Series only because

Chuck Todd is (ostensibly) a Nationals fan.

And as a lifetime Phillies fan I despise the Astros...for many reasons.

Let me tell you what haunts this guy:

Yes I am aware that he has no morals, no depth, no intellect, no nothing: he is as close as you can find to pure Id in the human population, although “some people say” that he’s subhuman. Perhaps “many people say that”.

In the depths of the quiet night, in his bedroom which only he occupies, amidst the smell of his sweat mixed with his unwashed folds of flesh, with faint odor of cologne, his mind races: he is going to someday die, and all the verbiage vomited from his pursed lips will not change that. No entreaties from his red hat wearing “base” will be able to help him. He knows that he is obese and terribly ill: he can feel the changes. His strength is waning from the Studio 54 days, his bowel movements and urinary patterns have become that of an old, sickly man. His erections depend upon medications and although that is not a problem for most men to handle, for him it is a terrible weakness which no one can know about. He thinks about all the women who no longer exist in his sphere, whom he believes loved him desperately and because of that he needed to pay them to prove his worth. In short, he is a man who looks only on the Deposit side of the bank statement ignoring the huge debits opposing them: a narrow field of view. He scratches the itches in various places and reaches for his phone in order not to communicate with the worldfor that is meaningless to him, but to stave off the dark spirits which are consuming him, each day being one day closer to the final day. This is his fate and he is alone in a fashion which almost none of us may conceive of. Friendless, loveless, vacuous of mind, he descends into this abyss nightly.

You know, it just hit me:

What if Lev Parnas is study Giuliani’s David Schine?

Yes I know it sounds weird but SOMETHING is going on here that is not obvious. Somehow I feel as though this whole business is a sequel to Polanski’s Chinatown except it’s the Federal Government not the Los Angeles Water Department.

I feel that this is a five dimensional story. The fifth dimension is the Twilight Zone aspect of this criminal enterprise.

"Yeah so I broke into a jewelry shop ,

Smashed all the cases, held the owner and his family at gunpoint for four hours, cleaned out the safe, bound and gagged all five people and threatened their lives. Just get over it”

Yeah right....

You've got it all wrong:

When he says he wants to see the server, it’s because she had huge”tracts of land” and was wearing a low-cut blouse at the Steak House. (Where he ordered it burned to a crisp with ketchup)

He has no interest in computers.
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