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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,862

Journal Archives

He's gaining weight at a remarkable clip

Looked even worse, if that’s possible, giving his t’s and p’s or tots and pears.
KFC, man...it’ll do it every time

They're "unsure" of the motivation of the synagogue shooting?

Let me posit that the shooter was tired of the fluffy matzo ball recipe because he preferred the denser variety...

Shit. He’s a killer of Jews. In their Holy Synagogue. Moreexplanation required? I think not. I think he should have a fair trial and then he should go to the gas chamber or electric chair. Sorry. But that’s my take.

And yes, it isn’t PC despite my screen name.

He won't comply with sub-penis?

I thought he said he had nothing to worry about in that department when his hand size was being discussed a few years ago.

I don’t get it.

I may have missed the discussion here about "The Highwaymen"

which was the very fine exposition of two men empowered by the governor of Texas to go after Bonnie and Clyde and kill them. Spoiler alert (although everyone knows the couple was killed in an ambush): the film ends with a montage of crowds of people who worship the killers encircling the car containing their bullet-riddled corpses like Beatles fans did in the Sixties. Earlier in the film, a group of adoring young women encircles the car parked behind a store and they oohs and ahh "dreamily". These two sociopaths were elevated to mythic hero status by an oppressed populace which loved the fact that banks who had repossessed their homes were being robbed. It's the same psychological hold that Trump has on his followers: he's the anti-hero here to avenge all the slights or perceived slights perpetrated upon the working man. The fact that they are immoral, amoral, sociopathic narcissists is irrelevant to the Cause.

In our case, there appears at this time to be little will by "law enforcement" (read: Congress) to enforce the Rule of Law and use measures to quell this infestation of this miscreant and his minions. The fact that Trump can so easily and proudly refer to Roy Cohn as his attorney and role model attests to the level to which we have descended. I expect the American narrative will soon be complimenting the Hitler Nazis on their sharp uniforms, efficiency, singularity of purpose, resourcefulness, and attention to detail. Then we can start placing American citizens in cages since the Thought Police will have unfettered scope of powers, and why feed and house them when they can just...-POOF- vanish into thin air. Think it can't happen? Anything is possible....anything.

Oh yes, and Happy Easter and Passover everyone...

Ya wanna know what is ALMOST the WORST part of all this?

In X many years, whether it's two or six, the erasure of Trump's existence will begin by the GOPricks. Like Bush and Cheney, he will never be mentioned or referred to again and the WORST part, THE WORST PART, is that the Democrats will allow this to happen and play along as long as we have someone we like in the WH. If someone dare mention his name or his crimes they will be dismissed or vilified as a dweller of the past.

This is how the Rethugs manage to reconstitute themselves after every one of their miscreants shows the American and International Public exactly what kind of thuggish creeps they are and then manage to crawl out from under the tons of debris which they piled upon themselves and the Public.

I can't stand it...

Notres Dames de Trump

It will be the largest Cathedral in the world. The plan is to tear down what is left of that”antiquated structure” and build a huge palace with giant screens showing portraits of Ivana Marla, and Melania interspersed with photos of Ivanka, Hope Hicks, several Miss Universes, and various women he (claims to have) bedded at Studio 54. The interior will house the world’s largest Casino and top, I mean TOP name entertainment will play the auditoriums. The 200 story hotel will rise behind the edifice and have 1776 rooms, that number being the length of the owner’s longest golf shot in feet.

The Champs Elysees will be renamed the Trump Elysees and Le Tour Eiffel will of course be renamed Le Tour Trump.

But of course none of this shall happen so you will instead hear him screaming into the phone: “Is Paris burning?”

I cannot believe he hasn't said that the burning

of the Cathedral makes his Trump-owned building in Paris one notch higher in the tallest-buildings rankings in the city. Even if it doesm't. Since when is lying a problem?

Anyone ever read "Voyage of the Space Beagle"

By A E Van Vogt published in 1950?

It’s s brilliant SF novella and all about internal politics while facing a variety of monstrous threats.

I mention it because nothing is new under the sun including rough and tumble politics.

I have a question for "you-all"

Did you ever sit in your living room, watching teevee and your dog, sleeping at your feet, has let out a terrible, stinking fart that overwhelms your whole sensorium, makes your stomach flip, and changes your entire perception of being?

That’s how I feel when he or his minions speak.

Back when I was in college in the Seventies,

And I presume now, we would have BS sessions where we would kick around hypotheticals like what would have happened if we hadn’t dropped A Bombs in Japan or suppose the Korean Peninsula resumed a war while we were embroiled in Vietnam . If I were in my group now, I would ask, “What would Hitler look and sound like if you removed his intellect, organizational skills, vocabulary, and creativity?”

I think we all know the answer.
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