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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,346

Journal Archives

So what is on the video recording

That Trump showed Lindsey at their infamous game of golf?

It must be a doozy.

Trump: nice putt there. I’ve got something to show you, though

I know who the whistleblower is:

It’s the entire CIA and featuring the other umpteen intelligence agencies.

Did “President” Orangina really think he could impugn these people and their hierarchies? Did he see the film The Good Shepherd? You just don’t fuck with these people and get away with it.

As a child of the Fifties and Sixties I almost can’t believe that I’m cheering for these institutions but I am wholeheartedly.

For comedy’s sake I would suggest that the true individual responsible is none other than::

Miss Anne Elk.

Yeah, and while you were married with a newborn

You were paying a porn star and a Playboy model to fuck you and for that total of ten minutes that you WEREN’T talking to the Russians who are clearly blackmailing you to sell out your country for cheap and bail out your daughter’s Husband, you were amateurishly screwing these women and pretending to yourself that they were infatuated with you personally.

You know, I’m no Brad Pitt and I don’t have any money but I had girlfriends over the years, a couple of whom were objectively gorgeous, including one woman who modeled nationally for Macy’s, and I didn’t have to pay them for sexual favors. What a zero you are. You can’t even get laid legitimately.

Oh yeah, L’shanah Tovah to you, you phony liar.

Anyone else watch UP this morning on MSNBC?

I’m just curious as to why they had the two female panelists for the entire show and their participation was minimal. I for one was somewhat embarrassed for them: if you’re going to host them, go to them: let them ask questions or allow them to answer questions rather than having them sit there in almost total silence. Just saying...

I believe I've figured out what

the prototype is for Lindsey’s “Trump-acolyte persona”

It’s the role of Gene Hackman’s chief of staff in the film “No Way Out”. Unctuous, smug, cunning in a revolting way, closeted. Obviously, this role was based on various folk in DC but the most true to life individual portraying it now is the SC Senator.

As a somewhat amusing aside,

can you imagine what a guy like Trump would say in private about a guy like Tucker Carlson? In Trump’s military school, trump and his minions would regularly be beating the crap out of Carlson, putting feces in his mattress and his clothes dryer, razor blading his shirt buttons, and the like.

But Carlson is going all out for Lover-boy. There’s gonna be a lot of fallout from this nuclear detonation.

Busted and red-faced...

He looks like he’s gonna “take a stroke” at any moment. Can you imagine the fear: it’s a gigantic house of cards. Pull off the band aid and the pus is going to spill out in volume.

Sorry to mix medical metaphors


So the call lasted thirty minutes and the transcript such as it is only lasts 11 minutes. So Trump outdid Nixon by one minute!

“The fun and learning never ends” - Barney the Dinosaur

So he now has diagnosed Electile Dysfunction

Hey Trumpers: Melania is calling her special friend Mr Tiffany Security to get her moved out

Fuckwad Chock Toad

Is trying to set limits on allowable time for Dems to do this and that Rethugs won’t cooperate so how’re the Dems gonna do that?

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