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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
November 30, 2020

This is what is going to happen:

After the 30,000 lies Trump was able to tell without any true outrage, The main stream media is going to sit down and have a collective discussion cum think tank And come up with the conclusion that every statement made by soon to be President Biden needs to be thoroughly checked, vetted, and parsed for complete accuracy. This journalistic mea culpa almost always coincides with the inauguration of the Democratic president. For, after all, it is the Republican presidents who subvert democracy with the Assent of the press and that’s the populace. It is similar to the Republicans suddenly becoming deficit hawks overnight: the wind is now blowing in a different direction.

In addition, revisionism concerning the Trump administration has already begun to be promulgated in newspapers and on the networks. They are singing his praises for certain foreign policy stances and if you think for one moment that revisionism is impossible, it was the right wing which began Holocaust denial, with the most prominent originator of that meme being Pat Buchanan. He used to brag about it when he was a host on Crossfire on CNN back in the day. Soon, there will be wistful cries for the earthiness and plain spokenness of Trump and his family of miscreants.

The one thing the Republicans have learned from this experience is that they and their policies may possess no floor and absolutely anything goes. These are the people who allowed a disease to ravage the entire United States because it suited them politically. The next event will be even worse if they run true to form. We need to start campaigning for 2022 right now. Because they are.

November 28, 2020

Since soon to be former President Trump is so obsessed with flushing,

I thought I would relate a little information which I picked up as an apprentice oh so many years ago.

Plumbers and toilet designers, because this is a science and an art, refer to various aspects of the flushing cycle with interesting euphemisms. The contents of a toilet following a bowel elimination is termed The “paper and the log”. You can guess what the log is. Of course the log for some people is not the same as the log for other people, but I digress.

Toilets are designed to optimize the elimination of most of the contents in one flush, but of course like everything else in this universe, there is the bell curve with respect to this. Obviously, the man in the White House has slightly different consistency and/or. Volume of his excretions and the toilets are not built to handle this. In my experience, I have come upon people where the toilet never flushes the material the first time, and again, I will spare you the details because you will need to be able to eat your meals today.

There is one thing about this guy, and that is there are really no secrets. He Telegraphs everything about everything, no matter how personal, illegal, or taboo. He is a prosecutor’s dream, for he confesses to every crime.

November 27, 2020

Somewhere there's a purchase order:

Boxes of adult diapers do not suddenly appear in the Residence. And I don’t think Eric or Jr were delivering them.

When they go low, I go lower....

November 26, 2020

John Fetterman, Lt Guv of PA is the BEST!

He’s the kind of Dem who could win in Wyoming. He’s down to earth, real, and visually he looks like a biker. And he’s a riot.

November 26, 2020

BRian Williams: Rudy's Matte finish today,

not the drippy kind!!!


November 25, 2020

Perhaps he will pardon ALL Federal prisoners,

Except those on Death Row of course, who will be executed promptly. You think he wouldn’t do this? No floor, man...no floor.

November 23, 2020

Wait...let me just get this straight:

The thesis of the Trump campaign is that in Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta is that the black population voted in toto for Trump and their ballots should thus be disallowed in toto because the machines were set to change all of the votes to Biden. Thus all the votes that were for Biden, cast by this gigantic group of black people had been marked for Trump. This is the only conclusion one can draw from their supposition.

Yeah: and didn’t you know: Biden won Oklahoma. OK!

November 23, 2020

A few thoughts this Monday...

Those of us who were Kennedy assassination aficionados know what it’s like to be termed conspiracy theorists. Many of us were alive and aware at the time and watched the conspiracy unfold on live television. Yes I know, many of you think this is tripe and BS and that’s fine, because at this point everyone involved is dead, and we will never have complete resolution of this, but what I personally find amusing is the incredible conspiracy theory of Trump and his minions which put all of ours to shame. And yet millions of people are clinging to every word as though it’s gospel. Of course, these are the same people who believe that there’s a worldwide conspiracy involving over 100 nations faking COVID-19 to bring down Donald Trump. It’s all a giant paranoid nightmare, and there are no lines between truth and fiction any longer.

Every day since the inauguration Of this miscreant, I think about the old Twilight Zone episode with a very young Billy Mumy wherein he could wish anything to happen and it did instantly. This character is presently in the White House, and all these senators are afraid to be “wished into the cornfield”. For me, the most prescient and interesting aspect of the episode was Rod Serling’s narration as prologue, wherein he said that it was unknown as to whether that section where the farm was had been moved away from the world itself, or if the world was gone and this was the only remaining section. This guy in the White House has done as much as he can to destroy the order of the world and we are now going to have to effect repairs which may take a generation. A Horrifying turn of events.

November 22, 2020

Brian Stelter on CNN gave a great opinion at the end of his show.

He talked about the denial and it’s roots in psychology. Worth finding on replay. If I get a link I’ll post it but wanted to give a heads-up.

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