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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,359

Journal Archives

I've hit bottom: the nadir

I’m watching Puppy Bowl XI on Animal Planet . “ Intentional Growling”. “Flea-flicker”, the power for the scoreboard is generated by a hamster on a treadmill, etc. it’s so stupid that it’s riotous. I highly recommend it. The puppies ARE cute!


The next time he craps on a reporter,

Somebody should stand up and say: Who the fuck are you to talk to us like that?

It’s gotta get done

The way he said "Be nice" was exactly the way

Patrick Swayze said it in “Road House” when he was telling the other bouncers how to act.

Must’ve just watched it again...

Now, all we "need" is a natural disaster like

Tornados, earthquake, storms with massive flooding.

All I can think of is Charlton Heston going to Yul Brynner and demanding “Let my people go!” Even Pharaoh surrendered After the death of the First Born but this idiot wouldn’t care even then.

The plague has been visited upon us...I’m not a particularly religious individual but the Bible as teaching and allegory has been instrumental in my life. Perhaps when this is over we will have a new book of the Bible, the Book of Adam (Schiff).

My God, it would take a genius to figure out that

large population centers are “potential hot spots”. Boston, Detroit, Philly, and New Orleans. Whoda thunk it?

Of course the shits who speak for this troglodyte use the county each city is in... except for Philly. You know why? Because Philadelphia is located in....wait for it....Philadelphia County.

This county by county nonsense will be the death of many.

Some thoughts but not a rant

So the federal government is going to create SIX TRILLION DOLLARS out of whole cloth: they don’t have to print the money because we are a nearly-cashless society. Ok. Fine. I’m on board if everyone else is

Two things:

1. Doesn’t this devalue existing money relative to a reference point? Gold? Platinum?

B. Imagine if we funded education, homelessness, disease-curing research this way. Just think: four years ago before this genocidal psychopathic asshole arrived in the WH, Congress could have passed a six trillion dollar bill to address all the problems in America that plague the populace. Instead we got complaints about the deficit. Well OK, we gave tax breaks to the wealthy and blew the deficit to frightening levels. Now we added this sum. Wow. And more coming.

As an aside, those who do not believe in evolution need to come up with a pretty good explanation of this as God’s Plan. I’m waiting...

Holy Effing Shit, OMFG, Jesus H Kerist...

Just had a funny internet "conversation"

An old high school friend, great guy, pretty sophisticated actually, is, like the rest of us trapped at home. He’s not one to watch early morning TV and texted me that wtf is going on: Scarborough and Brzezinski are sitting right next to each other!

I replied that that was ok because they are married to each other. He said, “you’re shitting me.” We both had a great laugh.

Will Prince Charles be the next Rock Hudson?

You younger people may understandably not "get it": In the beginning of the AIDS crisis, (GRID in those days - ridiculous) many people minimized or would not even acknowledge how critical the situation was. It was spreading like wildfire (sound familiar) and the powers that be were minimizing it (stupid), telling jokes about it (reprehensible), or claiming it was God's will foisted upon "the gays" (sick shit). This included, but was not limited to, Reagan and his nasty wife Nancy.

Anyway, Rock Hudson, who could be said to be the handsomest man in Hollywood, a very exalted position, was co-starring in the tv show Dynasty and was shall we say, diminishing in looks by the week. Finally it was revealed that he had AIDS, and those of us who knew he was gay for years were not shocked but saddened that this terrific actor, and he really was a great screen presence, was dying from this horrific malady. THAT was what finally awakened America and the repressive world: the cat was out of the bag.That is what it took.

Now that Prince Charles is diagnosed, if, God forbid, he were to get very very sick, would it be the incident that removes this utter bullshit, fucked up reasoning that all will be well shortly and business will continue as nothing before? It's gonna take someone significant to pass away for these dumbbells to understand that this is a very serious matter, life-threatening in fact.

You understand that this is why Trump became so popular: you have to hit these idiots over the head with something to awaken them. He did it with racism, vulgarity, and incendiary talk. It's all they know...subtlety is not their strong point. Neither are long sentences, words of over three syllables, tolerance, acceptance, understanding, altruism, sense of community, worth of individuals, creativity, erudition, reflection, or consideration for others needs and feelings.

I will be curious as to what happens when the first megastar or politician/member of royalty passes away. Besides of course, making the cover of People Magazine.

Rant: Why is God punishing Donald Trump and his family?

You know, when you're the Center of the Known Universe once in a great while you have to pause and reflect upon the state of things. Now, here was this utter business failure who was propped up, many people say by the Russian Government to subvert the very fabric of America, who by dint of his appeal to the "masses (of asses)" and opposing a candidate who had been vilified by the media establishment (read: GOP) for decades, as well as seditious interference by said Russian interests, elevated to the most powerful position on the planet Earth. Using brazen over-the-top aggressive techniques perfected by predecessors such as Hitler, Napoleon, and Genghis Khan he solidified his hold on America, demanding obeisance from the elected officials of his titular Party who were all too happy to fall into line - in order to keep the photos and the video off the internet, of course.

But like a heavyweight prize fight in the later rounds, the Champ let his guard down and suffered a hard right to the ribs during the impeachment ordeal, but layers of protection softened the blow. Next, however was a roundhouse to the side of his head. This virus came out of seemingly nowhere and in no time at all, knocked him down to the canvas, bleeding from his ear lobe, and in some fair pain. The bell rang and in his corner, the trainers couldn't stop the hemorrhage, now cascading down his shoulder. Since the rules of the match allowed him to continue, he stood up at the bell and went back into the center of the ring. The problem for him was not his opponent so much as the sight of his own blood made him sick. Flailing, swinging wildly, he landed inconsequential blows on his adversary, in this case making impossible promises to the People, contradicting experts and basic science, and yes, mathematics. He really hadn't been paying much attention senior year in high school when exponential functions were being discussed in analytic geometry. His usage of the terms "many people" and "nobody would have thought" demonstrated his utter ignorance of real numbers and statistics.

So we have a situation wherein the magician cannot hypnotize a viral particle and all of his assets, both domestic and foreign, cannot protect him: the hotels are shuttered, the golf courses empty, the possibilities for more development on hold indefinitely - and that's a significant amount of time when you're in your Seventies, the promise of a very difficult election ahead wherein your ignorance, your lack of conscience, your lack of humanity, your lack of intellectual capacity, your lack of any real emotionality was onstage for everyone to see. Many have said he's the Teflon Don, yes - many people say that, but one thing about Teflon: when it's scratched everything sticks to it.

And the poor offspring: tarred with the same brush: Ivanka who changed her drivers license to the address of her plastic surgeon, since she spent so much time there, is having problems with her "brand", and it's only going to get worse as people don't go out to shop AND don't want to be seen in her third-rate styles. The two adult sons, well, it's gotten quiet because they are scared to death - they, unlike the rest of us, know EXACTLY what their daddy is guilty of and it may all be coming home to roost soon. I'm not referring of course to judicial proceedings, I'm talking Hand of God intervention. The game only has a finite amount of time to be played and then it is going to be over and when that happens, there is no telling how far these two can fall. It's God's Plan.

"His Judgement Cometh, and that Right Soon" - on the wall of the warden in Shawshank Redemption It's on its way...

What I regret is that Dante is not around to witness this and write a sequel to The Divine Comedy. It'd be #1 on the New York Times best seller list. This story is positively Shakespearean or even Biblical. I do recall that the O.J. Simpson saga was a retelling of Othello, down to the racism and marriage to a white woman as well as the internecine politics of the age...of all ages. This Trump story would make a great play, possibly a trilogy. Or even a whole Book of the Bible. Perhaps God himself will write it as he wrote all the other books. all by himself. Even without a word processor.
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