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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,862

Journal Archives

Her first lie!

She said she’d never lie.

Press conference for those who require context

Kornacki studies at the Chris Matthews school of question-asking

I counted 122 words in his question of the Dr.

Whilst awaiting the advent of an emergency patient here

I got to thinking about a story from my childhood:

I grew up in the 1950s and my mother was a big Lysol fanatic. We had bottles of Lysol solution at each sink in the house and we were required to wash our hands with the solution prior to washing with soap and water. Don’t ask. But one thing my mother told me was that when she was young one of the most common ways of committing suicide was by drinking a bottle of Lysol. She warned us never to handle concentrated Lysol in an inappropriate manner. She used to tell stories of coming home from school or work when she was a younger woman and the family would be discussing the fate of someone they knew. The conversation would go like this: she was really upset about such and such or so and so and so she drank a bottle of Lysol and she’s dead now. My mother told me that this was a horrible horrible way to die that it was extraordinarily painful and lingering. Interestingly,It was a phrase people used to use like “take the gas pipe”or some other phrase such as “hung in the basement”, And the phrase was “makes me want to drink a bottle of Lysol”. This of course is no longer extant in our phraseology and usage but I remember distinctly from my youth.

They know he's going to lose big(ly) and they're scared

To death to work with him.

They can plot and plan do bots on FB and all that stuff but the sheer magnitude of the masses who have had enough is going to act as a tsunami and wash all the detritus-laden Rethugs out.

Are you better off than you were four years ago?
All politics boils down to economics
How’s unemployment at election time?
How’s your health?

It’s the most remarkable concatenation of circumstances in my lifetime including the financial collapse/Iraq War fiasco/Sarah Palin trifecta.

Yes we have to run as though we are behind, yes there’s voter suppression, yes there’ll be cheating. It most likely not going to matter.

It’s gonna be a rough ride, however.

Gene pool, man...gene pool.

Look at the Cuomo Brothers, sons of Mario, who gave what was quite possibly the greatest convention speech In my lifetime, a remarkable Governor.

Now look at the elder Trump boys.

I rest my case.

For the first time EVER:

I had a post deleted from Facebook. The post consisted entirely of the photo of the Clorox Chewables.

I rest my case....that is all.

An analogy for a Sunday morning...

So you walk into one of those old fashioned department stores like Macy’s or Gimbels or Wanamaker‘s or Lit Brothers or Bamberger‘s, and you mosey on down to the kitchen section and noticed that there are thousands upon thousands of glasses displayed. All kinds of Libby glasses, crystal glasses, Wine glasses, highball glasses, champagne flutes, Ice tea and lemonade glasses, milk glasses glasses for small children, all kinds. All of a sudden the ceiling collapses over all of those glasses, Shattering them all by the thousands. The noise and the cacophony is almost beyond belief and seems to go on forever. Finally, it stops and you have been witness to a small catastrophe to which you will someday attest was one of the most remarkable experiences of your lifetime. Fortunately no one is hurt and you and the store people and the other customers stand in wonderment and stare at all the shattered Glassware and remark to each other how the sound and the fury and the impact of this event is remarkable. And then you begin to watch the store personnel run around, clean up, worry, fret, discuss the business ramifications of the event, the loss of merchandise, the near-injury or death of individuals who were standing near to the event. But you as a bystander are largely unaffected. You watch as the store manager comes rushing in, pale and breathless, the sales people from different departments come, the maintenance people, the construction people who work in the building; you stand there for a little while and then you walk quietly out of the building with another story to tell the children and the grandchildren. Within a few minutes you go about your business almost as though nothing had happened. You are completely unaffected physically and emotionally by the incident. Everyone you know including you is safe sound and functioning in your world. Life does, in every way, go on.

The incident is this Pandemic, the Observer is Trump.

Ummm... does anyone else here think it's really weird that

that strange tweet that began and ended: “Covfefe” all those years ago...is spelled frighteningly close to “Covid”?

Yeah...I know...yeah really...

But what are the odds that the first three letters....????

Yeah... I know.

But that’s really ......FUCKING WEIRD, MAN!!!!

Isn’t it????

These past few days were NOT the worst days of his Presidency

IMO the worst days were when he said that this was all a hoax, that the cases would go to zero shortly, or that it would just disappear magically. That’s worse than fundamentally telling a few idiots to drink bleach or Lysol or to stick a black light up their asshole. On those days he was causing great harm by influencing millions rather than hundreds or thousands. Any way you slice it he’s ridiculous and ignorant and a son of a bitch and a real loser. Yes he is a loser in extremis, he has no intellectual capacity, no ability to act as a human being, no money, no sense of decorum, no sense of true values, no religiosity, no ability to even dress himself properly. He is the quintessential zero. If you added up all the members of his family together with him included, you would have approximately 2/3 of one person. The word “Cipher” applies here.

There. I feel much better on this Saturday morning...

I had quite the experience today:

I was asked by the owner of my dental practice to write and make a video which would be distributed to our 14,000+ patients. OMG, every word I wrote I agonized over, every adjective, every assurance. I am SO AWARE of the power of words to people, particularly from people in positions of authority in their respective fields. It was agonizing, but I think it turned out rather well. If I don't say so myself...

BTW, it was everything I could do not to throw in a statement about not injecting bleach or Lysol, or sticking a black light down their throats. Of course, I didn't: the political persuasions of the practice vary and, for all the laughs I might get, the angry phone calls, recriminations, and requests for records might jeopardize my position.

I wanted to more than anything, however!!!!!
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