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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,862

Journal Archives

Nostalgia: Election Night, 1992......................

I tuned in Dan Rather on the CBS Evening News, and I shall never forget his first words:

"Change is in the air..."

I knew then we were gonna have a good night. CBS had the exit polls and of course they couldn't release them until after each state had closed...but they knew.

And I KNOW...we are going to have an excellent night in about a month.

GOTV...... of course, so I won't have to read ten replies telling me that we have to vote.

Something to be noted of import re: last night

Mike Wallace and his first wife who was Chris's mom were JEWISH. Although he rightfully and reasonably claimed that it was his ethnicity, not his practicing religion, all Jews know that groups like The Proud Boys don't care. It's off to the camps for you. Chris knows this and I believe that was why he pressed Trump so hard. We know the implication of these ideologies and prejudices all too well.

Much as I despise FOX and FIENDS (sic), I give Son of Wallace credit here wherein credit is due.

(Discliamer: in no way shape or form am I excusing him for his inexcusably incompetent performance last night as moderator)

Holy shit. John Berman vs that shithead Hogan Gidley

With his Gish Gallop on CNN just now. My head was spinning....

Words fail...I’ll look for a link...it’s Nazi Getmany all over again.

I have come to a life-altering conclusion:

Nicolle Wallace is the only Republican I could ever marry.


Summa cum laudemouth

So Eric is chasing his screaming brother down the hallway

carrying a pot of steaming hot water. Donnie sees this and says, “No No No! I told you to PRICK his BOIL!!!!”

Donnie said the IRS wasn't being very nice to him...

He’s right. When I had my audit, the agent took me for cocktails and a steak dinner at Morton’s, followed by a play at the Prince Theater here in Philly. He showed me all the photos of his nice family, before he took a cursory look at the pile of papers on the desk and said,”everything seems to be in order. We will be sending you a seventy thousand dollar check for your trouble. Thank you and oh, by the way, I can promise you that you will never be audited again.”

Yeah. That’s how it went.



Res ipse loquitur.

Yeah, well I know this is a BIG shock to all of us here...

I mean, who would possibly have thought that he wasn’t worth what he said he was, that he paid virtually no taxes, and that he is undoubtedly guilty of tax fraud, and that he owes heretofore unspecified lenders probably billions of dollars. Who’da thunk it?
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