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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
December 30, 2021

I'm "sofa king" angry...

After I sold my dental practice I went to work for the new owner in not just my previous location which turned into a whole story which someday I will relate here on DU, but also at another location in a more distant part of Philadelphia. One day last week I come into the office and one of the receptionists is missing. So I asked the two receptionists who were sitting up front where is so-and-so? There was a hesitation and the chief cook and bottle washer said oh she’s out sick and the other one said almost simultaneously she has Covid. The head honcho gave her subordinate a stare to kill, and I said really, when was someone going to tell me this? The head lady said to me that HIPAA precludes informing people as to exactly who is sick in the workplace. I responded yes that’s true, but morality dictates that you at least inform us that someone is testing positive or has Covid. We work in a very tight situation here and I just had lunch next to her the day before she wound up taking her self to the hospital.

So I went in the back and the other two doctors there were having coffee and I said to them did you know so-and-so has Covid and she’s been in the hospital? They replied no they had no idea and were actually wondering where she was. One of the assistants said at that moment I guess you guys weren’t in on the group chat this weekend. I replied what group chat?

So therefore, not only was I not informed as the doctor in the office, but there was actually a concerted effort to prevent any of the doctors from learning that there was a full-blown case of Covid. Further questioning revealed that we have no fewer than three unvaccinated staff members in the office. I went absolutely ballistic and said to the two of them who were there, since the third was in the hospital, you need to get vaccinated immediately for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that you are risking catastrophe and Mayhem with patients and the ancillary staff. I realized I was talking to a wall and said to them OK, do what you want to do or don’t do it but if you get sick, really sick, before you get to the hospital I suggest you read the Philadelphia inquirer article which you can search on the amputations which are occurring all over the city due to Covid affecting the clotting mechanism in quite a few individuals. You might particularly be interested in the triple amputee who was featured in the article. Then I walked away and I am steaming angry.

I hate to say this, but I really think we’re doomed. If you can’t get through to healthcare people en masse that this is a serious issue then you can’t get through to the sufficiently large body politic such that we could minimize or illuminate the threat to the society. As my father of blessed memory used to say: idiots everywhere!

December 27, 2021

OMFG. "Don't Look Up" on Netflix

It needs to be seen by everyone and definitely everyone here on DU. It is allegorical and the truth “disguised” as SF fantasy much as The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Fantastic cast and script.

December 24, 2021

Yeah, well, Mr. Trump: everything in life is "rigged":

Opportunity, education, business opportunities, employment, choosing one’s life partner, well just about everything is rigged.

There is no question if you are born in the inner city and have the chance to observe how suburban and wealthy kids within the city limits are treated in terms of their education, you would certainly think that it’s rigged. If you go for a job interview and you are average looking, and the individual who gets the job ahead of you is extremely attractive, you assumed that the process was rigged and that you were equally qualified but that the looks got him or her the position. If you go to the bank and you have shaky credit because you come from a difficult environment and you’ve had to struggle all your life to achieve what you’ve managed to achieve and can’t get a loan to start your business making widgets, with some rich guy goes in there and the banker says to him or her are you sure this amount of money we’re lending you is enough? Perhaps you could use some more. Well, you would think that was rigged in their favor and that even if you had a great business plan and a terrific idea you would be “discriminated against”. If you’re just a regular schmuck and meet for example, a man/woman on the street whom you find attractive but he/she looks down upon you because of your social and economic status but quickly takes up with some complete asshole who drives a Ferrari or is just plain and obviously wealthy in his/her own right, you would say that the process is rigged against you too (although in this case he/she did you a big favor in the long run).

What I’m getting at here is the Trump has had everything rigged for him his entire life: his birth, his education certainly, his business opportunities, everything including the women in his life all rigged. He lied, he cheated, he stole his way to the top and was facilitated by willing victims compounding that rigging and he’s complaining now that somebody was fraudulent. This is the pot calling the kettle black. It is such obvious pathology that it is eminently ridiculous and absurdist. Some of the talented playwrights of the 20th century would’ve had a field day with this in their time.

So the fact that he admitted that he lost the election is simply making a mistake and uttering the truth. It really doesn’t matter what he says he doesn’t say. If I were to say that the 1964 Phillies won the pennant and the World Series because they probably should have, it does not put their name on the list rather than that of the St. Louis Cardinals. To paraphrase Henry Miller in Tropic of Capricorn: what I say and don’t say don’t mean shit to a swan. Neither does anything he says either.

December 23, 2021

I gotta tell you something...

You may or may not have heard about the congresswoman whose car was hijacked in South Philadelphia yesterday. She was robbed and fortunately not injured badly in a physical sense.

Now because this is Philly, these idiots who did this allegedly, were found in her car in Delaware, five of them who are of course now taken into custody. This is how stupid the crooks are around here, that whether she was a congresswoman or not, this crime is tantamount to attempted kidnapping and when a female is involved the cops go out of their way to make sure that they search for the perpetrators. We have the dumbest criminals imaginable here, and I knew when I heard the broadcast reports of this occurring, that they would get these guys within a few hours.

Of course since I don’t live in other places I don’t hear too many stories but I will tell you that in 68 years of living in Philadelphia I have heard the most remarkable stories attesting to the utter stupidity of perpetrators including one guy who wrote a demand for money in the bank on the back of his utility bill which hereceived in the mail, so the police and FBI knew where to pick him up. And then of course there was the infamous Joey Coyle who was following an armored car when a huge bag of money fell out of the back, he stopped and picked it up, nobody knew or saw him do it, and of course he went to his favorite bar, spread money around, and told everybody he just come in to hundreds of thousands of dollars as he was driving. Naturally, the news reported that a bag of money had fallen out of the armored car and he was picked up in no time. All he had to have done was to put the bag in his car, go home, and wait a while and he would’ve gotten away with it.

Life is just a barrel of fun… As I have written before, I am occasionally surprised but never shocked.

December 19, 2021

I have to say one thing, and it's not very nice...

Like most people, I have three sides, my fun positive side, my cynical inquisitive side, and the side that I don’t show anyone if I can help it. Given the third side, I can’t help but smile grimly to myself when I see unvaccinated people suffering. I know, I know, this is terrible. It is inhumane, not altruistic, and downright immoral. But I can’t help myself, because their rebelliousness, if you want to call it that, is causing the rest of us to suffer immeasurably. I know that it is not right, it is against medical ethics, but if I were in charge I would state that if you present to my hospital unvaccinated with Covid, and we are full up, you gotta wait until we have some room, if ever. I know, again, this is disgusting thought, and I’m not in charge, so it doesn’t matter what I think, but if there is any group that has brought it upon itself in history, it is this group. I grieve for those whom they have caused to have misery in their lives: the under age, the immunocompromise, and others who cannot be vaccinated for legitimate reasons. Also, and I have not forgotten, those for whom the vaccine simply was not efficacious. Those are the people for whom I feel truly sorry and genuinely weep.

And I’m going to tell you why: for 6 days a week for months, I risked my life treating patients who may or may not be positive for the virus, because it is my job number one, number two I had to go to work to survive. Yes I took precautions, but that’s all bullshit when you’re seeing the number of people that I have. You’re bound to make a mistake, and quite frankly statistically I am amazed that I did not get sick. Everything I do aerosolizes the virus and the room is literally covered in viral particles. I have four underlying medical issues which could cause me to die if I had been infected and to these bastards who refuse vaccine and threaten lives I say “Fuck You”.

December 19, 2021

The Fall of the American Empire...

Sure, the Romans would be arguing that this wasn’t occurring as it happened as well but it already has happened.

We were informed of this by G.H.W. Bush when he spoke directly to the American people about a “New World Order”. We are so used to listening to gabble degook that the real import of this was not fully recognized. Yes, it was debated, but I have no recollection of anyone in the mainstream mentioning that it would include the end of American Democracy and the rewriting of our Constitution.

Now many many years ago when I was in college during the Vietnam War, a doomsday scenario was put forth that then-President Nixon and his fiendish henchmen could somehow call for a Constitutional Convention at which many protective elements would be scrapped and an autocratic state would emerge. Of course, this did not and was not going to occur but they later, or perhaps contemporaneously, found a better plan.

By implementing this multi-national plot, garnering trillions of dollars in profit, they have essentially brought America to its knees: the populace is imprisoned by debt, there is a pandemic which has “irrationally “ become political with the notion that life and death of civilians is a two-sided issue, and it seems that the billionaire’s speech from the film Network was prologue and has come to pass. We are no longer a nation of leaders, but a massive corporation which is distinctly subservient to other nations on this Earth, which are, of course, corporate unto themselves.

I for one do not believe that this is reversible by traditional means. I do believe that the world, with the inventions of the Internet, 3-D printing, commercial space travel, significant advances in clinical medicine reserved for the relative few, and who knows what else about which we are unaware, has crossed a threshold and this crossing cannot be reversed. One of the terrible downsides is that the vocal minority has been unnaturally and inescapably empowered and the notion of philosophical Truth has been dismantled. Those of us old enough to recall the old evening newscasts will recall that occasionally Pravda’s reporting of an issue would be read which was at clear variance with the obvious facts surrounding a circumstance. The reporter would simply shake his head (almost all network reporters were male) and move on from the obvious propaganda and lies. These methods of lying are now a daily portion of the “information” passed along here.

And one more issue to follow… we have been the victim of prevaricating individuals who promulgate what are known in a derogatory fashion as “conspiracy theories”, attempting to overturn our election. These insanities are lies pure and simple. But make no mistake: there are forces at work by teams which will undermine what some have termed “the American Way of Life”. These teams are of foreign and domestic composition and, if described in detail, might well be dismissed as “conspiracy theories”. Do not forget that Watergate and the Iran-Contra Scandal, the latter of which was the first obvious multinational power play to reach the Oval Office AND BE MADE PUBLIC. They played the Dementia card and by and large escaped, but the pattern was set. Unimaginable goings-on have been occurring since and before that time, and we have but witnessed the prologue.

December 18, 2021

Jesus, did I have a rough start to my morning...

I awakened atypically late at 6:40, and the reason, the REASON I awakened was that I heard the TV on downstairs. I know for certain it was off when I went to bed. I went downstairs and almost unbelievably Fox News is on the TV off the dining room. I cannot fathom how it turned on and how Fox would be the channel…

Of course, I grab the remote and say CNN into the voice activated device, and there’s CNN with the Philly-born idiot Michael Smerconish on, interviewing some guy, and the first words I hear out of this guys mouth are “Biden’s disastrous presidency“.

Now I’m really upset, and I say “TCM” and lo and behold there’s an old Batman serial from 1949. I watched the last few minutes of that, made my eggs, fed the dog, not in that order of course and began my day .

I am not certain, but it is conceivable that the guy next-door, who I firmly believe is a Trumper, may have used his remote on his TV and the device happens to coincide with mine. It’s the only explanation I can Come up with right now, and I am virtually certain I did not sleep walk, turn on the TV, change it to Fox, and go back to bed.

Weird shit, man…

December 18, 2021

Yes we are a "Nation of Laws"...

And for the sake of these seditionists and co-conspirators they should be happy that it (still) is.

In any other form of Government, they would all have been rounded up, top to bottom, given a five minute trial, taken out, and shot by a firing squad or hung by the neck until dead.

The very few at the top might have been given the option of suicide as the Romans and a few other “advanced” civilizations used to.

Just remember, Saddam Hussein did not languish behind bars for years awaiting the results of his appeals. It was conviction…and off to the gallows.

December 11, 2021

My MAGA neighbor was complaining about the "economic crisis"

brought on by this administration. I said I know what you mean…let me show you the model of Christmas decorations you can use instead of the regular display. It’ll save you money:

He was not amused. He thinks I’m an insane liberal and probably a Commie.

December 10, 2021

I'm gonna admit something somewhat embarrassing...

Many years ago Brian Williams got his opportunity to try out for network media here in the Philly market, when he worked for WCAU which catapulted him to WCBS in New York, apparently.

I say “apparently” because most people here, including yours truly, couldn’t stand him when he was here. He was described as “priggish” by many and “stilted” and “phony”. Believe it or not, this town generally loved and loves its serious news people: Vince Leonard, John Facenda(who invented the 11:00 news program), Gunnar Back, and many others. We may be a shot and a beer town but we always knew who the competent newscasters were.

I thus avoided watching him for years until his most recent gig at MSNBC, wherein, as many others here have attested, I grew to enjoy, and more importantly for me, admire the man. I shall miss him enormously and wish him well in whatever his endeavors may be in the future. I want to apologize to him personally for underestimating his intellect and competence. It’s a mistake I hope never to make again.

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