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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
March 3, 2021

Here's my "sexual harassment" story which I tell patients:

A couple years ago, I had this new male patient. Objectively, he was one of those clean-faced, swinging-dick guys that men like me find fairly repulsive for a variety of reasons.

So I’m in the room alone with him, and he leans over conspiratorially and says, sotto voce, “Hey, you’ve got a whole lotta attractive women here. Which one are you screwing now?” All this with a self-satisfied smile on his face.

My reply, reflexively stated for better or worse, was: “it’s a funny thing you should ask that. Your wife asked me the same question the other day at the motel.”

His face just dropped and I continued: “It doesn’t feel real good when aimed at you, does it? I’m not that kind of guy and I don’t counsel that kind of attitude here. Your choice. “. He sort of apologized. I saw him a couple times since snd don’t know if he’s going to come back but I could not care less. Slime ball.

In forty years of employing almost exclusively females and having a good 2/3rds of my practice female, I have never once ever showed even a passing interest in them as anything but individuals who have attended me for dental reasons. When I used to teach I would tell the dental students, all of them of all genders and predilections, that the only reason the patient was within three football fields’ distance of them was that he or she had a dental problem. That the dentist had a choice: the date or the career, because it would only take one individual to file a complaint and the life would never be the same. I know it made an impression. I will occasionally relate this story to prove a point academically and clinically.

What’s interesting to me as far as self-examination goes, is that I don’t process attractiveness when meeting people in my office except to note it objectively that they are appropriately dressed and comported. Outside the office, walking down the street, my visualization of course, takes other avenues of appreciation.

March 2, 2021

In my nearly 68 year lifetime

I have experienced politicians whom I’ve hated, whom I have despised, and whom I wish dead. But I am going to tell you that I have never been so REPULSED by a politician as I am by Lindsey Graham. There must be 50 words in the dictionary of vilification that you could post his picture next to for a prime example of the meaning of that word.

That performance, stating that he was so pleased to have Had Donald Trump allowing him to enter his world, sent shivers down my spine.


February 28, 2021

Fukwad "speech" thread for we masochists

Is it true blondes have more fun?

February 28, 2021

We have lost our way as thinking individuals...

Because we feel as though we are literally attempting to save our civilization and our being. We are fighting very powerful dark forces which are attempting to send us back to the Dark Ages intellectually and spiritually. This is all true and necessary.

However, there was a time when I for one, attempted to expand my mind and my intellect. I came upon this Q And A session and found it to be a much more worthwhile half hour than listening, say, to George Stephanopoulos question some RW monster.

It is Neil Degrasse Tyson discussing dimensionality of the Universe and our ability to perceive a Universe which may be more complex than our species can understand. It is exquisitely profound and thought-provoking.

February 25, 2021

I am awaiting one of our eloquent Democrats to state on the House or Senate Floor:

“Multiple Insurrectionists took a shit on the floor and walls of our Capitol. These individuals dropped their pants and deliberately shit on the single greatest symbolic edifice in the United States of America. Government-paid workers were obliged to clean this shit from the building, wipe every molecule off, disinfect the area, and live with this, a story which they will tell their children and grandchildren. At Pearl Harbor, our Pacific Fleet and its Headquarters were bombed and World War Two was declared. On September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were rammed by our own planes, and we declared an eternal War on Terrorism. So on January the 6th of this year, Insurrectionist, traitorous Americans invaded the Capitol of the United States of America and there are those who want to trivialize and negate the occurrence.

I for one think not. I believe it is time to declare war on the neo-Nazified strata of our own country, and let these people know that they, if they persist in these behaviors, will become casualties of war. Believe you ne, if they had not been stymied on that day, countless office holders and staff would have suffered terrible fates. This fact must not be overlooked. Woe betide these individuals who persist in sedition and the same for those who assist them in their behaviors and seek to minimize the need for their punishment. “

February 24, 2021

And a short tale of woe:

You know, we read about the failings of the American infrastructure and it all seems so esoteric and significant, but often remote. During the last 72 hours my life has been changed dramatically for a short period by two events which occurred at my home neighborhood and my place of work.

A few days ago, a sewer main broke about six blocks from my house spewing hundreds of thousands of gallons of raw sewage into the main street of the Back Bay of Atlantic City and Ventnor New Jersey, and forcing the authorities to close a long stretch of the road for repairs and cleanup. Now the problem is that they need to graft a diverter pipe onto the existing sewer pipe and this will take about a week, and then Final repairs will take probably upwards of a month. During this time there is a giant risk that this entire roadway could collapse. The way in which the traffic patterns are designed here, is that this is an islet behind Atlantic City and Ventnor which is accessible by only two means: a bridge over the intercoastal waterway and this one road that comes from the Blackhorse Pike, US Route 40/322. Thousands of us live here and access has become a major problem, since not only did we have the sewer line issue, but the bridge required emergency repairs which have narrowed it to one lane during business hours. Suffice it to say that this is going to be a long-term issue for us. However, it will be survivable except for The poor folk who live right on the area of the spill. The stench is almost unbelievable and raw sewage is still pouring into the street because they don’t have the repair finished yet.

At my place of work, in Center City Philadelphia, there is presently an underground fire right on the corner where the building is in which I have my job. The building is Shut down indefinitely, and years ago we were victims of a similar underground fire and the power, phones, cable were out for days. These occurrences in the city are not a typical: the infrastructure is considered ancient and bursting pipes, fractured gas lines, and electrical problems are Legion.

So in conclusion, I’m living five blocks from what I would literally term a shit-lake and don’t have a job because I’ve been burned out of my place of employment. As an aside, I could add that the exit of the Atlantic City Expressway which I take daily for my drive into Philadelphia has been shut down because a dump truck was driving with its cargo sticking up and slammed into the bridge of the Cloverleaf. This was months ago, not an infrastructure problem as to its etiology, but it has taken this long to order the new parts to fix the bridge. Every morning I have to drive 6 miles out of my way through trafficked streets (even at 5:30 in the morning) to get to another exit of the expressway. That being said, I could be living in Texas, so I’m not complaining bitterly, simply saying that these issues which are discussed esoterically do occasionally hit home.

February 21, 2021

Funny AF:

February 21, 2021

This Texas situation reminds me of the Midwest floods decades ago

Yep, assholes there were also decrying the federal Government and lo and behold they had terrible flooding. All of a sudden the Feds showed up with disaster relief and checks. All of a sudden they began to recognize that there was a reason for the existence of a central government and command. Unfortunately it did not translate to the region becoming Democratic consistently. 😢

February 18, 2021

Did you know that Trump designed and built Perseverance?

Really. This is what he was doing during his Executive Time. Remember his uncle who was the greatest professor at MIT? Well, the President has those genes. Nobody had ever done anything like this before and he deserves full credit. Oh yes, btw, he designed and built the launch vehicle as well.

And, he proposed and proved the correct solution to Fermat’s Last Theorem for which he SHOULD have won the Abel prize but Wiles and Taylor stole his work and he’s going to be suing them as well that he should be.

If re-elected in 2024, The 45th President will reveal his cure for world hunger and thirst as well as the universal cancer cure machine. They are ready to be produced and would be available two weeks after his inauguration.

He has the greatest mind. Many Nobel prize winners have been known to say about the 45th President: “There are many geniuses, but very very few magicians.”

February 17, 2021

Here's the video of the Trump Plaza Demolition:

Some background: I did some surveying the day before and figured that boardwalk access would be so limited that any video I might take would be hampered by other structures. From the shoreline they blocked it off so far that you couldn’t get a good angle. They did open the old airport and for $10 a car you could park there and so that is what I did.

Of course, it didn’t go off exactly at 9:00 so people in the crowd were very funny. One guy said: “He probably didn’t pay the demolition company.” After, people were laughing and enjoying the symbolism.

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