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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,360

Journal Archives

I was considering what music should precede the announcement

Of the indictment. Having carefully considered several fantastic pieces, I have settled upon the following:

So I did this...

I know everybody hates Facebook and I generally concur with that opinion.

However, since most here apparently no longer subscribing, I did you all a “favor”. You know how there’s that icon and you can get movie clips, often with a “lesson” such as: “This is what happens when you abuse his (or occasionally,her) family/girlfriend/son or daughter/or co-worker” and you see the “bullying” as they like to call it, and then the revenge ensues.

Having nothing else to do for two and a half hours while awaiting an individual for a very important meeting, I watched a whole bunch of these clips and researched what films they were taken from. Almost all the movies were low-rated but there was mindless action in all of them, that’s for certain. Here is the list of violent films with a few brief annotations:

Knockaround guys
Second hand lions
Jack reacher Netflix
Let me in
Max payne
Hunting Emma prime
Abduction. Prime
End of a gun
From Paris With Love
Brick mansions
One in the chamber. Cuba goosing
Army of one
He never died
Homefront Jason statham
Three days to kill
We still kill the old way
Disturbing the Peace. Guy Pearce
Just say goodbye
Manifest on Netflix
Dragon ball
Hunter killer (submarine)
Cold pursuit. Liam neeson
Shade. Stallone
He never died
Deadly Target
The Hummingbird
The Evil That Men Do

I feel compelled to say that the high rise

went down exactly like that at a demolition site. Yes…I know. It’s ridiculous, right?

Absurd, actually. It’s just….I haven’t seen this happen before in America to my recollection. And yes, I work exactly next to a building which collapsed in Center City Philadelphia which destroyed a Lululemon store which was adjacent on Walnut Street….but it didn’t pancake, the upper floor wall and cornices gave way and crashed. The building was largely intact.

This was certainly weird…I hope they find what caused this and inspect other buildings so that it doesn’t happen again. I grieve for the victims and their families.

Anyone else see Tweety interviewed earlier today


He looked like Death Warmed Over. I generally don’t diagnose over the teevee machine but he looked like his diabetes and/or alcohol is taking a toll.

Gaunt and looking as if he’d aged thirty years since he “left” his show. Yes, I know some will be upset that I pointed this out. To you, I apologize. Kind of.

A little obtuse but here goes:

The legendary ad man Marvin Sloves passed away, and you can find all kinds of articles about his life and times. One point he made during an interview was tgat for a short time he managed the Trump Air Shuttle account….and they “stiffed” his company.

Big surprise….

"God will provide..."

Preliminarily, I wish to tell you all that in Philadelphia, the political aspects of the practice and academia of dental medicine was overlorded by real…shall we say, self-righteous imperious pricks. These men, and they were ALL men, were incredibly vicious if you wronged them. To put it mildly, it was like the Mafia: you pretty much can operate in their presence unencumbered but you better not cross them or be beholden to them. They had inter-generational memories and grudges and it was not unusual for someone’s grandson to be declined admission to a specialty program because something untoward occurred in 1934. This is not hyperbole

However, finally, the last of these bastards is dead and there is a sense of relief among us older individuals who lived under the threat of a problematic existence. The younger folk have no idea what they “missed”.

In the same way, this bunch of neo-fascists and neo-Nazis will eventually begone, of course only to be replaced with a new crop. However, And you can take this from my experience, when the kingpin dies, the sycophants and hangers-on fall into disarray. This is exactly what happened here in Philadelphia in the dental world. There was one individual who held great sway, but upon his leaving the mortal coil, all his buddies were leaderless and drifted off into oblivion. It was almost magical in its dynamic. So the same will happen to the erstwhile “religion” which suddenly appeared in 2015. Unfortunately, there will be future “prophets” with varying degrees of political competency and skills but at least the “Messiah” will have perished.

I just had a reflective DU moment....

I was scanning the In Memoriam link here and went all the way back to the 2005 post about Kephra’s passing wherein a family member informed us that he died suddenly over his keyboard.

I scanned down the many many posts of condolences and recognized many many names, but only a tiny handful are still here. Almost all of these individuals were active posters heavily involved in the DU community but the vast number have left and have been gone “forever”. Yes I know why many left, but this broke over me in a nostalgic wave.

John Fetterman is running hard for the senate in PA

And the titles of his emails start with phrases like “this is bullshit” and like that

This can work here…he is a great candidate worthy of support because he can win in rural PA.


This is bullsh*t.

Literally hours after I emailed you yesterday (see my forwarded message below), the Pennsylvania GOP confiscated my LGBTQIA+ pride flags AGAIN.

Interesting how Republicans jump at the opportunity to remove Pride flags on the *first* day of Pride Month — but not to ensure that Pennsylvania law explicitly protects the LGBTQIA+ community from discrimination. 🤔

The truth is that many forms of discrimination against LGBTQIA+ people are still perfectly legal in America. That’s why passing the Equality Act and guaranteeing rights and protections for LGBTQIA+ people is so incredibly urgent, and why doing so is such an important, integral part of our campaign.

Are you with me? If you’re in a place to do so, please consider making a donation to our campaign, of any amount. We’ll also send you a free pride sticker (to celebrate, and to show solidarity).

— John

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