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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
December 1, 2022

Two can play this game:

The other day, Keith Olbermann‘s podcast brought to my attention that this guy from Kentucky who is going to be doing all these “investigations“ has a little problem of his own as evidenced in the link below. Apparently, this was a big deal in Kentucky when he was running as a candidate but of course it is “beneath us Democrats to bring this stuff up”, or at least it used to be. This scandal should be spread far and wide, and should eclipse his erstwhile investigation of all things Biden. Oh and according to the article, her mother was called and was told that her daughter would be killed. Details ….right?

Viral….this needs to go viral.


College girlfriend says James Comer abused her
Joseph Gerth@Joe_Gerth
A woman who dated gubernatorial candidate James Comer while the two were in college said in a letter to The Courier-Journal on Monday that he was physically and mentally abusive to her during what she said was a two-year relationship.

"Did Jamie Comer ever hit me? Yes," wrote Marilyn Thomas, who attended Western Kentucky University with Comer in the early 1990s.

Comer's lawyer, Dick Plymale, of Lexington, said in an interview that Comer "profusely denies" all the allegations in the letter and promised a "devastating lawsuit" against the newspaper if it published the story.

November 29, 2022

If you are a member here

And have not listened to Rachel Maddow’s podcast ULTRA, please do so at your earliest convenience. I would add that in the last part, part eight, after the credits, there is a speech which should be listened to. I’ll leave it at that and won’t give anything away.

As far as I’m concerned, this is required listening for anyone who feels that she or he is politically aware. This is a chapter in history that my parents had alluded to when I was growing up, but even they obviously had no idea the extent of the cover-up and horror of this movement. I might add anyone who thinks that this political philosophy is a “thing of the past” is mightily mistaken.

November 28, 2022

Odes to St. Ronnie on MJ Scum

They are eventually going to have a big fight as to whether to put him on Mount Rushmore or canonize him. It makes me want to lose my breakfast… Speaking of which I had some ketchup, which is a vegetable according to St Ronnie, on my home fries.

One of the things that is extremely important remember, vis-à-vis‘ Liz Cheney, or Joe Scum or any of these “former“ Republicans is that they possess the Republican values that we abhor. Problem is that we are faced with a form of Nazism, so we have been forced to make alliances with the equivalent of Stalin. How’s that for a comparison?

November 26, 2022

Automobile politics...

I normally don’t link to Facebook but this is a rather fascinating political issue. This guy runs a website called Hoovie’s Garage and he’s very talented, competent, and funny. He had an issue when he towed one of his cars with an EV pickup, which he explains very lucidly and he’s a far-thinking individual, but the RW websites picked this up and totally misinterpreted what the difficulties were. He explains all that and it is well worth watching.

(If you want to flame me for linking to FB you have that right but I’d save my keystrokes if I were you. I already wrote a disclaimer).


November 25, 2022

Hey Lurking MAGAT's:

We know what you’re thinking today, here’s what we are thinking, with more humor and depth:

November 24, 2022

Lookit what I found!!!!


When you hit a big jackpot on a slot machine, the floor guy or lady would come by, stick one of these in the coin slot, and then go fetch your jackpot in cash. I like to think that this helped contribute in some small way to his bankruptcy here in Atlantic City…

November 22, 2022

Hey!! I learn something every day!!!

I had no idea that Herschel Walker’s middle name was “junior”. So therefore, we have Junior Walker and the All Stars!

The two Scotts-Men Senators
Cornyn and Cruz

And a host of others! Come one, come all!!!

Tickets by Ticketmaster

November 17, 2022

No quarter, no mercy....

Full court press against these Nazified Rethugs. Professional, personal, family: nothing off the table. Relentless pursuit of the RWers with no time for those who say “we don’t want to stoop to their level”.

First-person encounters, sex tapes, high school miscreant activities, anything and everything. Nothing out of bounds or off-limits. Video testimony from ex-lovers horribly wronged, students from wrestling teams, campaign workers seduced, no action is too petty. Brand them with adjectives and perversions. The more it’s denied, the truer it is. Make them afraid to awaken in the morning. It’s not that hard, they’re truly guilty of much, and their aberrant behavior is their liability. For example: have one of those erotica writers compose the stories that are out. Their elaborate descriptions of events down to the minutiae will add verisimilitude to the story. Sell it hard to America: people love a good story told in detail breathlessly.

No bounds, no bottom.

November 17, 2022

I have been wondering since "The Announcement" if

The reason he is so subdued and certain individuals have abandoned him is because they have been quietly apprised that he is about to be indicted. Behavior such as this is not uncommon in the animal kingdom when an individual or troop senses illness or impending death.

Although DOJ may not leak to media as far as we are concerned, there are discussions among very powerful individuals who have significant stakes in the events.

There is no scenario too out of bounds to occur.

Just a thought.

November 17, 2022

New MSM meme I'll proffer:

After any surprising midterm election, it is traditionally the case that the pendulum swings mightily back the other way and so we can expect a Red Wave for certain in 2024. That is why it is terrible news for the Democrats that they held the Senate and are only a few persuadable House members away from passing legislation. It’s also bad news that they have a Democrat in the WH because traditionally a Democrat is followed by a Republican. It would therefore be advisable for Democrats never to win an election so they will not be followed by a Republican. And anyway, what have the Democrats ever done for anyone?

, just in case.

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