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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
March 31, 2023

No, MSNBC and CNN....

I don’t have to have the presumption of innocence-I’m not on the jury, I’m not the judge, I’m not a court officer or jailer. I have a solid presumption of guilt because he’s guilty of whatever they say and probably ten thousand or more crimes which have yet to be mentioned if they ever are.

Perhaps rewatching the Star Chamber with Michael Douglas would help, or that great line: “Sure we’ll give you a fair trial and then we’ll hang you.” Yeah…that’s the ticket. Fuck him. Central Park Five, right? Up his ass.

Fuck. Him.

March 31, 2023

Don't be too nice to him when he's arrested and cuffed.

Remember when he advised the police not to treat arrestees with care? Perhaps someone could take a leak on his shoes. Or trip him as he enters the courtroom.

I think he should be moved for “his own safety” to Guantanamo. And he doesn’t need toilet paper…that’s what his left hand is for.

March 30, 2023

At the risk of sounding repetitive...

I’m going to repeat something a friend of mine told me many years ago.

He was an eastern liberal fellow living in central Pennsylvania. He stated unequivocally that if a candidate showed up and not only promised, but absolutely could deliver jobs, schools, new infrastructure, road improvements, better cable and electricity delivery, and allow the place to be a center for growth and development, but he was against the private ownership of bazookas and tanks, he would lose the election in a landslide without question.
March 26, 2023

Holy fuck: Philly water supply

Philly water is safe to drink until midnight Monday….then….who the fuck knows?

From Philly.com :

After advising residents they may want to switch to bottled water Sunday afternoon following a chemical spill into a Delaware River tributary — setting off a buying spree that emptied store shelves across the city — Philadelphia officials said the city’s tap water would be safe to drink at least through Monday night.
The advisory, which officials initially issued Sunday morning “out of an abundance of caution” in response to Friday night’s release of chemicals from a processing plant in Bucks County, was updated based on sampling results and new estimates of how long it might take water that entered the city’s Baxter Drinking Water Treatment plant early Sunday morning to make its way to residents.
“There is no need to buy water at this time,” city officials said in a statement posted online at 4 p.m. “Customers can fill bottles or pitchers with tap water with no risk at this time.”
The city said tap water would remain safe to drink until at least 11:59 p.m. Monday. Officials said they would update the media Sunday at 5 p.m.

March 25, 2023

A ray of hope....

During my early years in Philadelphia, there was a Cabal of individuals who controlled nearly everything. And when I say everything, I am referring to the police, the courts, the utility companies, the contractors who handled municipal construction and remodeling, the unions, the streets departments, the welfare department, The law firms, the hospitals at the highest levels, the universities, and all of the city departments such as taxation, licenses and inspections, the fire department, and a great number of other institutions and agencies .

If you were regarded as a difficult person who would not play their game, you had problems Involving anything you tried to do as a citizen. There was pressure exerted at many levels, and I was privy to some stories, which even I, who am now jaded, to this day find remarkable.

Now the names of the influential people were not necessarily those published in our papers on a daily basis: they were people who shied from the limelight, but behind the scenes, could destroy a career with a single phone call . Or, conversely, they could save someone who was headed for a complete destruction due to their own behaviors, and resurrect their careers again with a single phone call. In this city, judges are elected, not appointed, and needless to say you can only imagine what kind of treatment the contributing establishment class received , in many cases surreptitiously. We were considered the last of the “machine cities“ where the political aspects of situations and bbc the powerful determine their outcome no matter what the law stipulates and no matter of “right and wrong”. Our organized crime families at one time were extremely powerful, and not pursued as criminal organizations until the violence and shake down spread without regard for the usual norms, which had been tolerated for generations.

Interestingly, however, virtually all of these people from the old days or deceased, or in extreme advanced age and ineffective. I was speaking with a very well put together individual who holds a fairly high position in the city, and used one of these powerbroker’s names, and she stared at me in absolute unknowing ignorance of the existence of this gentleman. I told her that this individual was one of the most feared people in the city, who passed away about 20 years ago, and the name has not been mentioned since in the public sphere. There is no institutional memory of this among the powerful and the good news is that one day, this will be the case with the former President or whatever he was .

Time is a great healer and the powerful persona eventually vanishes. Once they are removed or disappear from the scene, and although you may certainly stipulate that others may take their place, that particular era of personality is over. My concern of course is what faces us next, but the Days of Infamy of Trump will be behind us. I very much look forward to that time which cannot happen fast enough.

March 23, 2023

So I was watching some Stormy Daniels videos and

now I’ve got your attention, right?

Seriously, I’ve been catching up on her videos and she’s ok…I think she’s terrifically witty and charming from her interviews and is exceptionally attractive.

I’d give the videos a 5/10 however….Penthouse mag used to have a rating system which I won’t quote here but, it’s been moderately “interesting”, to say the least. Well…off to more advanced stud-ies.

March 22, 2023

What the heck is wrong with Ari Melber...?

He’s telegenic, he’s a lawyer by education and degree, he’s sufficiently analytical, he’s got a network show and books very fine guests….

So he’s in the middle of a serious discussion and out pops the question: “Well, you know what Jay-Z says?”

I turned to my wife and gave two answers:

1. Yes, he said: “I just flushed my motherfucking earbuds down the fucking toilet. Fuck!”

2. (A much saner response). “No, but I know what George Bernard Shaw said….”

I know that John Oliver did a great piece on Ari but my God…it’s so lame. He needs to stop.

March 21, 2023

It's the Trump smokescreen we have witnessed for six or seven years now...

It is primitive, but it works every single fucking time. All of us remember when he was supposed to give a speech all those years ago and was an hour and 15 minutes late routinely, and the camera would be fixed on an empty podium, and the commentators would be talking about him incessantly. In no way, shape, or form can anyone buy airtime like this for anything at all whatsoever.

Obviously, by stating that he was going to be indicted on a given day, that would cause incessant discussion from the moment he announced that to that day and beyond, precluding anything else that might be newsworthy. This whole business with him reminds me of a friend of mine, who in his 20s, took up with this woman who literally would not let him out of bed. She essentially destroyed his life by appealing to the basest of instincts, and he became addicted to that attention. He knew better, the entire time, but there he was, missing work, not interacting with anyone else, and diving into ruin. Of course, she left him for someone else on a moment’s notice, and there he was, empty, jobless, bereft, mourning the “love of his life“ and has never been the same since.

This is how the media is with this jerkoff. They can’t stop themselves, and in a crazy way you can make a case that Trump gets much more press than Biden does, and even if he’s not the president, he is certainly the primary focus of attention in this nation and in his warped mind, that may actually be good enough. This whole thing is just so fucking sick and repulsive and the worst part is that years from now people in charge will throw up their hands and say, what were we to do? Or deny that this ever happened.

Which reminds me on this anniversary of the Iraq war of my classmate, who, years after the war, when we were discussing the complete and utter fallacy of its being, said “who would’ve known that?” Well, I replied, just about anybody with a brain… including the thousands who protested who could tell it was all lies a priori. How did we know? Because they said it was true.

What a circus we are living in.

March 18, 2023

Here's a thought gleaned from my experience:

Many years ago in the 1980’s I treated the lawyer who was ultimately responsible for what was the first major Savings and Loan collapse which presaged the crisis, Sunrise Savings and Loan. The situation made not local, not national, but international news. This guy’s name was in every major paper and tv network in the world, and I was in the middle of major treatment of him and his wife.

Within two days, I had seen them both and I’m going to give you the story, well rehearsed, that they gave me:

“This has all been good news for us and our firm. We have many people who are enlisting our services for themselves and we had to take the phones off the hook because we can’t handle the business. All this media-based nonsense will pass. Nothing illegal happened and even if we are indicted no jury would ever find against us. We are American heroes who are smarter and shrewder than anyone else.”

Well, you know what happened with the S and L crisis…this particular fellow supervised the disappearance of over $400,000,000 and it was just the very beginning of the nightmare. But the lesson to be learned is that the sociopath, which he was, knows exactly how to manage any event including catastrophe. That’s TFG’s methodology-he’s saying that multiple indictments will catapult him into the WH.

As a post-script: the lawyer/banker I talked about is living in abject poverty, never had a good day again.

March 18, 2023

Now here's the truly interesting part IMO...

All these folks on the teevee machine are presently debating the strength of Bragg’s case, the fact of the matter is that we have absolutely no idea what the charges are. There have been many hours of testimony and who knows how many documents and recordings. It is entirely possible that the Stormy Daniels case is a fake out: that they’ve got him on felonious behavior which far transcends the legal implications of her case, albeit there is no question that she was paid to shut her mouth prior to the voting and this, coupled with the FBI’s move with Hillary’s emails was sufficient to give this prick the election.

Bragg apparently initially didn’t want to perform but again IMO something else was a catalyst which made it impossible to ignore.

I know it’s simplistic but hey…so is the simpleton in question .

Hoping and “praying”.

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