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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 24,453

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I was under the distinct impression that the FBI planted those documents. That’s what FOX told me during the first few days following the “raid” upon Merde a Loggo.

I would bet all my Trump-bucks that that happened.

This is actually funny in its own crumby way:

In an article in Salon, the following sentence appears:

“Some members of the legal team have also questioned why relatively inexperienced 33-year-old lawyer Lindsey Halligan abruptly appeared in Trump's circle last year after defending him on Steve Bannon's podcast.”

Really…. They’re actually WONDERING??? Gee…lemme think for a moment….

Ah…could it be…?

A moment of reflection on this Memorial Day...

The first thing I do every morning is to check the General Discussion page of DU to see if anything occurred while I was asleep, and the second thing I do is check my local Legacy.com in order to see who passed away. It is something I’ve done for decades and unfortunately, since death notices have apparently become fairly pricey, very few are “printed“ online and in the paper.

This morning, in a moment of whatever, I was looking at the new format of the website, and they have a button which will take you to celebrity deaths, starting with the most recent. I had no idea so many notable people have passed away in the last year and a half, which is where I stopped. As far as I know, a little or no mention, was made of many if not most of these passing in any milieu, which I saw, and was surprised, but certainly not shocked to see a lot of names which were a significant part of my youth and middle age.

Since I’m in my eighth decade, I have begun to reflect upon those whose lives were cut short, as well as those who lived extremely long and productive existences. I also think about my father, who was a four-year veteran of the Pacific theater in World War II, somehow survived, came back, a changed and forever affected man, and in a way he sacrificed not his life, but his sanity to some extent, and I pay tribute to him today, as well as all of those who sacrificed in the charnel house of War.

As an aside, as I was leaving my office on Thursday, which was my last day of work prior to the holiday, some of my coworkers wished me a “happy Memorial Day”and I thought that was both quite interesting and disheartening in many ways. And I wish everyone here, a tranquil day of reflection and enjoyment of life, for we never know how long we each have here on this Earth.

We are having a great time in my house!

No…not that….

We are watching the HBO documentary which has all these Federal elected representatives and senators reading the Constitution. We are having a ball “poking fun” at the Republicans. For example, when Susan Collins came on, I yelled out: “You look CONCERNED!! Doesn’t she look concerned??” Having a late afternoon cocktail or two and screaming at the teevee machine is a real trip.

This has nothing to do with anything but....


In the tv series The Man In the High Tower, wherein the Germans and Japanese prevailed in WWII and divide the USA, all is going swimmingly….. until Hitler dies. Then it all begins to fall apart.

Just saying.

That was my takeaway from the series.

I believe that no truer concept has ever been written.

Just a meaningless OP. Doesn’t imply or mean a thing about anything. Really.

Once again: Lemire is a basket of platitudes:

As most know here, I can’t stand that mealy-mouthed idjit. Talk about bothsiderism, every sentence he spews has both sides. Today’s bullshit had to do with DeSantis’s raising of money -eight million since the announcement which Lemire lectured us, is more than Trump raised in months

Yeah Jon, but you know what? Phil Gramm once intoned that he had a politician’s best friend: Ready money.

Well, President Gramm’s term I don’t recall too well, but it ain’t all about money, pal. I know you know this but you had best better bring some context to your discussions.

If the election were held today...

A lot of people would be very surprised

Old joke but true….

Here’s another: if my grandmother had wheels she’d be a locomotive.

These polls are meaningless. Just go to work and fight for democracy.

We are really threading a needle in this country...

In the corners of the republican boxing ring, we have in this corner, a criminal of international proportions, who spews a volcano of lies at every opportunity, enriches himself in every way possible, and undermines the mechanisms of democracy in ways that were inconceivable just 10 years ago. Along with his other demerits, including his ignorance and stupidity, but allowing for his broadcast charisma, he is a terribly, horribly disruptive danger to the very fabric of America.

And in this corner, we have an outright fascist, who is attempting to repress and destroy everything which we who are moral and righteous have worked, fought, and died for since the Civil War. This individual has what might be termed, “a superior education”, which in his case is a load of books on the back of an ass, and although he lacks a certain political appeal to many, his message, which is clear and carefully researched, seems to resonate with a great many of the people who will be voting in the primary.

Hoping that the latter is destroyed by the former is an even worse scenario than the old “dog chases car“ result. Either one on the ballot in November of next year potentially could spell doom for our constitutional government and although mistakes were made last time this was tried, I believe they have learned from these errors, and we are at even greater risk this time.

Amusingly and rightfully, everyone is awaiting Trump’s evisceration of DeSantis and the sideshow, while very entertaining I’m certain, will normalize Trump once again, and despite the indictments which are certainly coming, will cause him to be the focus of More and more media attention if that’s possible, and we know what they say about bad publicity. Apparently, there is no longer any such thing. This guy has become a folk hero in America, and is the reverse Robin Hood, stealing from the poor and giving to the rich , but that seems to be just OK these days. Sports, gambling, and stadium entertainment, including music has taken over popular culture and we seek stars and celebrities the way a parched man in the desert seeks water. People are naturally drawn to the shining light which in this case is a beacon for hate.

I just hope and pray that our candidate is not overshadowed by this Gladiator fight to the death and we become also-rans. I am willing to bet that if an analysis were completed of the number of times and length of broadcast Trump and DeSantis are mentioned in any given news venue, it would far outweigh the mentions of President Biden, who has stabilized the country and returned us to a variant of normalcy. It’s been billions of dollars of free advertising for the Republicans, no matter what their screwup’s are. It’s just like the coverage of the empty podium back in 2016 where in the announcers talked for what seemed like hours about Trump before he would arrive to speak. Here we go again, I guess…

It’s gonna be a long hard road to Tipperary….

Collect and trade with your friends (and fiends)...

For that “special someone” you will certainly encounter…

A TGIF aside for those who read Asimov's Foundation Trilogy...

Trump is The Mule.

Have a terrific weekend everyone!!!
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