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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2004, 06:21 AM
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I need a group hug.

Iím at my Dadís. Heís 90 and a staunch Republican. I canít even tell you about our conversation today because Iíd be slapped down for spouting Republican talking points. HIS talking points. Everything youíve heard, on steroids. When I asked him if itíd be okay for any political party to have received help from a foreign government, it took him wading through five tries to say it wouldnít be okay. Other things heíd ďnever heard about that.Ē All I can say is heís moved on from Fox to a station called ďOne America News.Ē

I just canít. Iíve left the basement where the tv is and am up Iím the living room.

So sad.

OMG, I'm watching Chris Hayes and he's allowing this Republican Congressman to filibuster

the ENTIRE conversation.

Where is Joy Reid when we need her?

Need advice: Having VHS tapes transferred - do I ask for DVDs or USB?

We have 40+ videotapes of our family dating back to 1988 (we rented that camcorder, I'm sure of it!) Our daughter and I just went through and labeled all of the tapes and I've found someone locally who will digitize them. I'm not sure if I should ask for DVDs (old technology, I know) or USB/thumbdrive. I have a newer computer with a built-in DVD so I can easily watch them. We also have a few DVD players in the house.

Can I transfer them to USB by myself? Has anyone done this before? Thanks in advance for advice
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