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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2004, 06:21 AM
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I fixed Melania's jacket for her.


"ˇPrimero con Papa! ˇPrimero con Papa!"

That little child, calling for Papá on the Propublica audiotape. Crying for Papá. I can envision a campaign commercial with this sobbing, bereft child's voice and Donald Trump's ugly face.

New rescue pup pooping in house

We got a new little guy, about 3 years old, from a rescue a bit over two weeks ago. He's doing well - knows nothing obedience-wise, but he's slowly learning. We've had two pee accidents and tonight was his fourth poop accident. I have had most of the house closed off to him and am opening it up slowly. Here's what I've been doing:

Wake up in the morning, quick potty outside, breakfast, and then an immediate walk where he'll generally pee and poop
Mid-day walk (me or dog walker)
Potty outside when I come home from work
Dinner at 6, immediate walk outside where he'll generally pee and poop (if I can't, I kennel him briefly, then walk)
Potty outside in the evening

I am praising him, "Good potty! Good business!" for #s 1 & 2, like I've always done.

This evening, I fed him dinner and he ate, bolted to the guest bedroom, and immediately pooped. I cleaned it up, didn't say anything (he's lightning fast) and put him in the crate. There he sits. I didn't reprimand him. I had JUST taken him out to pee at 5:30 when I got home, and he peed (reluctantly - I needed to encourage him and stay out with him), but didn't poop.

I'm at a loss. My next idea is to feed him in the crate, assuming if I can't get him outside immediately, he probably (!?!) won't poop in his crate.

Any other ideas are most welcome.

I'm in my car. Who is on CNN with Jake Tapper

right now? Thanks!
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