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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2004, 07:21 AM
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My Colombian friend, an educated, wonderful

woman, cannot get a visa to travel into the United States. Why cant we prohibit Russians from coming in and kick out those who are here now? Im specifically thinking of the pregnant women who come here to have their babies so that the babies are automatically Americans citizens.

Jan. 6th Commission: "Once you see the data, you can't unsee it."


Denver Riggleman (R-Va) is my former congressman and is in charge of the data for the Jan 6 commission. Hes former NSA. Hes got the call logs and data. My assumption is that what he sees is damning for anyone who was involved.

He was a lousy congressman, dumped from office by a more conservative nutjob who is being primaried by an even more conservative nutjob. He seems to have found his conscience and his backbone. And a sense of humor. From another tweet:

I would like to be questioned on National TV by all Congressional Republicans who believe January 6th was a False Flag.

Just me against every single one on the dais.

I will even wear a JFK Jr for Vice President shirt so everyone is comfortable.
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