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2/14: Mother is shot dead in front of children by a stranger after fight in supermarket parking lot

Iím sorry if this was already posted, I searched and did not see it.


A mother was fatally shot in front of her children after an argument with a stranger in a South Carolina supermarket parking lot on Valentineís Day.

Alexandria Cress Borys, 26, was loading groceries into her car outside a Kroger in Irmo on Tuesday afternoon when the argument erupted between her and another woman, her husband Tyler Borys told Fox57.

Shortly after the altercation ended, Alexandria was shot in the back while her children, a two-year-old and an infant, sat in the car. The mother was pronounced dead at the scene at around 4pm.

The shooter was later identified by police as 23-year-old Christina Harrison.

This is why my husband and I never engage with anyone who has an anger issue. You want to take my parking spot? Go ahead. Give me the finger when Iím driving on the road? Feel free to pass me.
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