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Member since: Wed Mar 3, 2004, 08:03 PM
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GOP plans to get rid of Trump

Now that the tax bill is signed, Trump is more of a deficit to the GOP than an asset. I expect to see the Republicans distance themselves from Trump in the new year, eventually forcing him out of office.

The lavish praise of Trump during the tax bill signing is suspicious. It's the way groups talk right before they betray somebody.

Trump is out.

My worries: Pence would be worse, and will the Republicans succeed in stopping the investigation into Russian interference?

Beware of people who jump in and out of movements.

In a movement with the hashtag #metoo there are going to be mentally unstable people who want to be included.

They might falsely accuse people. This is the dangerous flip side of movements that bring real problems out in the open.

As a lesbian, I'm familiar with the occasional false accusation of gay bashing brought forward by unstable people who wanted attention. Their accusations usually fall apart under scrutiny. It's infuriating because there are thousands and thousands of genuine examples of gay people being attacked, fired, and even murdered just because they were gay. But one false accusation tends to undo a lot of progress.

This is one reason why investigations are absolutely essential. Yes, it's important to treat accusers with respect. Don't discredit them personally or mock their stories. But please, do investigate and verify before rushing to judgement.
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