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yardwork's Journal
yardwork's Journal
November 15, 2018

Gay rights are civil rights.

LGBTQ people deserve the same civil rights as straight people. I'm sad that this is even a question but apparently it is again for some people.

As a lesbian, I will be blunt. If a candidate doesn't think that I deserve the same rights as straight people, then they don't have my support. Period.

If you try to bully or intimidate me into agreeing that my rights are lesser, I WILL get mad.

I think that DUers know that I'm a strong supporter of human rights for everybody. This is not a zero sum game. We stand together, united, and that's where our strength lies. I will NEVER agree with separating some minorities from others or creating separate, lesser categories for some people.

November 7, 2018

White Americans need to find some courage.

I'm white. In fact, by heritage I'm what they used to call a WASP: White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.

Right now, I'm looking at my fellow white Americans and I'm seeing a whole bunch of sniveling cowards. Wimps. Scaredy cats who are afraid of "caravans" of desperate poor people who are literally walking through Mexico. Walking! Carrying toddlers! And many of my fellow white Americans find this so terrifying, they fell all over themselves rushing to the polls yesterday to vote for white politicians who promise to meet this existential threat to America with military weapons and razor wire and concentration camps.

I read about one white woman in the upper Midwest (which is a long way from Mexico, I checked) who is so terrified, she's convinced that the "caravan" will take over her lake house. That level of panic over nothing is usually met with polite suggestions that the person get some therapy. Maybe somebody should call social services, request a wellness check. But no! Republican politicians are running on this shit because we have allowed it to become normalized.

I call on my fellow white Americans to speak up. Implore your friends and relatives who are behaving in this foolish manner to get some help.

For heaven's sake, stop rewarding and enabling this behavior. It's destroying our democracy.

November 7, 2018

Let's prosecute sitting Republicans.

It's much easier to win elections when your opponent is not already sitting in the position.

Republicans know this. That's why they got rid of powerful Democratic leaders years ago. The Republicans launched ethics investigations and broke the Democratic power in Congress.

We need to do the same, especially now that Democrats control the House.

Think of how much easier it would have been for Beto to win if he hadn't been running against a sitting senator. Lock up Ted Cruz.

Go after Rebulblicans who are vulnerable to ethics investigations - I'm sure that includes all of them at this point - and destroy the careers of Republican incumbents.

This is how Republicans got control of Congress.

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