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Member since: Sat Mar 20, 2004, 11:37 AM
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Just imagine for a second if Jamal Khashoggi was murdered while Obama was President

The same Obama who was a “secret Muslim”, with the same former Secretary of State who was grilled for 11 hours, the same Obama who was accused by the right wing of letting Saudi Arabia bring terrorist training camps into the US (Whatever happened to that meme anyway? Trump said he was going to look into it. What happened?), that same Barack Obama.

If Jamal Khashoggi was murdered when Obama was President and refused to give Senators info on what they know, can anyone imagine that the response would have been "Oh well, we might complain about it... There's more important things to do, like complain about the Jew Gold of George Soros secretly funding the opinions of people we don't like! GEORGE SOROS! And socialism is coming!"?


You know how black Americans are afraid an interaction with police may be more likely to be fatal?

You know how black Americans are tired of their children going missing and the media not even shining a light on them going missing?

You know how black Americans are fed up with the disparity in sentencing when it comes to crime?

You know how black Americans see how they are facing the brunt of the "war on drugs" in the US but see that it's a "public health crisis" when drug abuse becomes white and suburban?

The whole Black Lives Matter movement? It's all unfounded because Black Lives Matter and all the issues they raise is completely fabricated because it is funded by The One Jew AKA George Soros, our own Emmanuel Goldstein.

Yep, when a black American sees what's going on in our society and goes "Wait... What?", they were influenced, had their minds poisoned, by George Soros cash. True story.

- This message of the "good" antisemitism has been brought to by the Capital Research Center, David Clarke, the Washington Times, Donald Trump Jr, and others.

Ilhan Omar Was a Target for Sincere Criticism... Also, Opportunistic Hypocrites

By Charles Pierce at Esquire:

By the end of business Monday, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Democrat of Minnesota, had apologized for sending out Tweets that were thought to be anti-Semitic both by sincerely offended people, and by opportunistic hypocrites who realize the power of performative outrage. Omar's tweets earlier had been condemned by the entire Democratic leadership team in the House. By the end of business Monday, an out-and-out racist was still president*, and an out-and-out racist was still representing the Fourth Congressional District in Iowa, and more than a few people were doing the same thing that Omar did with AIPAC, except in relation to George Soros.

Which reminds me, in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is preparing to meet again with his good friend, Viktor Orban, the authoritarian PM of Hungary. Orban is a true delight, as this analysis in The Atlantic explained.

From using anti-Semitic tropes to demonize George Soros to praising Miklós Horthy—the regent who presided over the murder of Jews during World War II—to seeking to honor the notorious World War II–era anti-Semite Bálint Hóman, Orbán, the self-styled defender of Christian Europe, has shown himself willing to tap into this hatred to score political points. The Figyelő cover, an attack on a prominent figure in the Hungarian Jewish community, appears to be a bold escalation by the leader whose Fidesz Party won a landslide victory earlier this year. Far from paying a political price for exploiting anti-Semitism, Orbán is thriving...


Me: From the Trump Administration on down making George Soros into our government's Emmanuel Goldstein to Viktor Orban and his virulent anti-semitism... those must be the good forms of anti-semitism, right?


I think it wasn't just Ilhan Omar, but we all learned a valuable lesson today

It's perfectly OK, presidential even, to talk about a Jewish man, and you are told he is Jewish, who buys up elections, pays women to accuse Supreme Court nominees of sexual assault and could discredit themselves in the process if they as much as say 'uh' in their testimony, who pays kids to say they don't want to be shot in school, pays for migrant caravans to walk on foot (But not for airplane tickets for some reason), funds some sort of "antifa supersoldier" project, and I think you can even get away with saying he was Hitler's boss...

But just don't leave the subject of that one man, don't talk about any other individual or group (Unless that group is liberals or GLBTQ people then go at it).

Freshman mistake, she violated our government's Emmanuel Goldstein rule... keep it individual.

It's time for the Trump admin to publicly and unequivocally denounce QAnon

This conspiracy theory that Trump is secretly leading some sort of force that's going to mass arrest supposed satanists and pedophiles in "the storm" that will never happen will lead to disappointment and then rage as QAnon believers turn to taking action into their own hands.

We all need to stand up and say if Trump doesn't disown this in an unambiguous way, then any blood spilled by QAnon true believers seeking to "force the end" not unlike the Manson Family or Aum Shinrikyo will be on the hands of this administration.

Honestly, this should be a matter for the House committee on homeland security to consider.

Hey, remember when people said they support Trump because he is not "politically correct"?

I think it just deserves a mention that you can't write "I'm not politically correct" on checks and expect landlords and grocers to take them in lieu of money because you have no money because you're not getting paid.

I just think that's interesting.

By Jove! I think I figured out how Republicans see the world when it comes to drugs and immigrants

A member of the GANG that owns OxyContin maker MS-13 told people at the prescription opioid painkiller's launch party in the 1990s that it would be "followed by a blizzard of prescriptions that will bury the competition," according to court documents filed Tuesday.

The details were made public in a case brought by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey that accuses MS-13, its executives and members of the MEXICAN GANG of deceiving patients and doctors about the risks of opioids and pushing prescribers to keep patients on the drug longer. The documents provide information about former MS-13 President INTERCHANGEABLE MEXICAN's role in overseeing sales of OxyContin that hasn't been public before.

The drug and the closely held Connecticut GROUP OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS that sells it are at the center of a lawsuit in Massachusetts and hundreds of others across the country in which government entities are trying to find the drug industry responsible for an opioid crisis that killed 72,000 Americans in 2017. The Massachusetts litigation is separate from some 1,500 federal lawsuits filed by governments being overseen by a judge in Cleveland.

But the GROUP OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS documents at the heart of the Massachusetts allegations are also part of the evidence exchanged in those cases. While the Massachusetts filing describes their contents, the documents themselves have not been made public, at the GROUP OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS's request.


Something looks odd about this, right?

Well that's because I used the replace function, replacing 'family' with GANG, 'Purdue Pharma' with MS-13, 'Sackler' with MEXICAN, 'Richard' with INTERCHANGEABLE, and 'company' with GROUP OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

A Trump victory in the shutdown would be a victory for authoritarianism

On one hand, we have an executive branch led by one man with too much power, who is supposed to be the big boss, the big man who will destroy 'the other', the decider, and according to right wing evangelicals, chosen by God to rule.

On the other hand, we have a political body that can say "No" to him and his whims.

It's clear why we must never buckle.

Hey, we should suggest a bill to Congress to end the Shutdown!

A bill without the 5.7 billion dollars


A bill with the 5.7 billion dollars and...
No federal money for the entire state of Kentucky (Exceptions apply)
Have a Planned Parenthood Day and give them lots of funding
Money for the Southern Poverty Law Center
No money for abstinence only education or pregnancy crisis centers

Add your ideas too, let's make this list as long as possible, let's show that we're willing to compromise.

New Rules for Democrats and people on the Left that should not be New Rules at all

Going forward, I think knowing these things will make life a lot easier and may win us even more in 2020...

ACCEPT that anything you or anyone else does or says can be turned into an attack or a Republican conspiracy theory - Right wingers saw the word 'Pizza' in an email and turned it into a bizarro psychotic Satanic conspiracy theory. They recently took dancing on a rooftop and tried to turn it into an attack. There is nothing, NOTHING, you can do or say that they will not be able to attack you over. Don't filter yourself or limit yourself... you're still gonna be a Communist Satanist Secret Muslim Terrorist Lover paid by George Soros who leads an Antifa cell.

ACKNOWLEDGE that today's right wing has no concept of a political center - Hey, what's your position on immigration? It's "open borders"! What do you think we should do about healthcare? It's "Socialism"! We not only let Republicans frame the debate, we also modify ourselves in response to that framing, it's time to acknowledge that and respond. Your positions are far left just by virtue of not agreeing with Republicans, so that leads to...

DON'T BE AFRAID of "socialism", especially when Republicans call something "socialism" - Decades ago, "socialism" was "I like the USSR!". Years ago, "socialism" was "I want everyone to have healthcare". Today, "socialism" is "I'm upset about school shootings and want to do something about them!". And in the near future, I'm sure "socialism" will be "Hey, maybe we shouldn't throw virgins into volcanoes to appease the Dow and the job creators!"

REACH OUT to those who want a bright future, not to turn America into some simulacrum of a past that only exists in their minds - Recognize the difference between deprivation and those who are feeling bad because of relative deprivation. Don't reach out to people with "trumpgrets" who ONLY have trumpgrets because the welfare cuts came for them too. Don't hug a Trump supporter without hugging a refugee, a Muslim, a GLBTQ person, etc.

REMEMBER those who paid the ultimate price - This is not a historical thing. Even today, we've got people who fell victim to the right, like Heather Heyer. Follow Heather.

VOTE, vote more, vote often - Every election matters even if the Electoral Clown College taints at least a couple, but you are not sending a message by not voting, but also do MORE.
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