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Member since: Sat Mar 27, 2004, 04:35 PM
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"Legitmate rape" ... This is where I have trouble.

Simply put, none of the gibberish that comes out of the Republicans surprises me anymore. Not really. It's easy to process it and put it in context when you realize that they're all insane. They live in a collective fantasy where they can redefine reality to be whatever they want, to justify whatever beliefs they have. Abortion? It's okay, rape never causes pregnancy. Xenophobia? It's only because all Muslims are terrorists. Homophobia? Gay people are child molesters and caused the Holocaust. It's the ultimate refinement of what Issac Asimov described as the belief that democracy means 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'"

This, then, is where I have trouble. Because there's only one thing about this that I find shocking: The fact that anyone in their right mind could look at our political situation and think, "The problem here is DEMOCRATS!" Every time that I see somebody complaining that the Democrats haven't done X yet, or haven't gotten to pet issue Y the way someone would like, or worst of all repeating the old "oh, they're all the same" line, it makes me want to grab them and sit them down and show them a few hours of Fox News and right wing talk radio to remind them what the actual debate is in this country, and why it's so god-awfully important to elect Democrats to everything, ever. I don't care if the Democratic candidate is a liberal, or a moderate, or a goddamn tuna fish. There is nothing more important than keeping these sick fuckers away from power.
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