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Member since: Mon Apr 5, 2004, 04:58 PM
Number of posts: 88,402

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Texas revokes anti-trump license plate


Tom Steyer appears to have qualified for the seventh Democratic debate


DOJ and US Atty investigation of Clinton Foundation and Uranium One found nothing


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti endorses Joe Biden

This is a BFD

Mike Luckovich-trump's grade on foreign policy


Legendary Black actress and beauty icon, @MsVivicaFox has endorsed @JoeBiden

I have actually seen movies with this actress

Mayor Robert Garcia endorses Joe Biden ahead of planned visit to Long Beach


Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia has a new pick in the presidential race, a little more than two months from California’s primary.

Garcia announced early Thursday, Jan. 9, that he backs former Vice President Joe Biden in his campaign for the White House.

The endorsement came ahead of Biden’s planned trip to Long Beach on Thursday afternoon, where he was set to visit the Port of Long Beach and tour the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project alongside Garcia.

“We are very grateful to have Vice President Biden here in Long Beach,” Garcia said in an interview. “This is a big visit and a big deal. We are excited that he is committed to issues around trade and that he understands the impact of our port and our city to the country and the world.”

GOP senator who erupted over Iran briefing shares awful new details

Now, in the interview with NPR’s Rachel Martin, Lee has gone into more alarming detail. Lee reiterated that officials “were unable or unwilling to identify any point” at which they’d come to Congress for authorization for the use of military force. Then this exchange happened:

MARTIN: What kind of hypotheticals were you putting to them in hopes of understanding when the administration sees a need for Congressional authority?

LEE: As I recall, one of my colleagues asked a hypothetical involving the Supreme Leader of Iran: If at that point, the United States government decided that it wanted to undertake a strike against him personally, recognizing that he would be a threat to the United States, would that require authorization for the use of military force?

The fact that there was nothing but a refusal to answer that question was perhaps the most deeply upsetting thing to me in that meeting.

Obviously, this was an extreme hypothetical. But the point of it was to discern the contours of the administration’s sense of its own obligation to come to Congress for approval of future hostilities. And it succeeded in doing just that, demonstrating that they recognize no such obligation.

Harris' national finance chair Jon Henes is going to open his donor network to back Joe Biden

The KHive is moving to back Joe

Warren supporters need to know that their vote for Warren could wind up being a vote for Bernie.

The Warren supporters I know hate sanders. My son has come around to supporting Biden in part because he does not want sanders to get any help.
I predict that Warren will continue to lose support if former Clinton supporters think that a vote for Warren could help sanders. There are a ton of Clinton supporters who will drop Warren if they think that their vote for Warren could help sanders

sanders supporters need to keep on pushing on the concept that a vote for Warren is a vote for sanders. The Biden campaign will be happy for this support
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