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Member since: Mon Apr 5, 2004, 03:58 PM
Number of posts: 91,244

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There was a League of Legends skit on SNL

I was amused

Trump Is Golfing As Democrats Work Through The Weekend On Impeachment


Senator Harris' protest got event bogus sponsor removed and event opened to HBCU students

Senator Harris is amazing

10/27 Mike Luckovich: Help!


NEW POLL: Nearly half of Americans think Democrats have moved too far to the left


Nearly half of respondents in a new poll said the Democratic Party has moved "too far left."
The survey from Quinnipiac University Poll released Wednesday found that 47 percent of registered voters polled said the Democratic Party has moved “too far left;" however, most of those voters identified as Republicans.

The poll found that 79 percent of Republicans surveyed said the Democrats had moved too far left, but only 17 percent of Democrats agreed. Just under half, or 48 percent, of independents said the party has drifted too far left.

There was also a gap by gender, with 57 percent of male respondents saying the party was too far to the left and only 37 percent of women saying the same. Similarly, the view was split by race, with 53 percent of white voters polled agreeing, 33 percent of Hispanic voters and just 17 percent of black voter

Texas lawyer being threatened by Alex Jones supporters

Mark Bankston is Juanita Jean’s son

Buzbee is fighing with a GOP religious nut case

Hotze is a nut case and an asshole who thinks that women should not serve as judges or have power over men. This religious nut case used to select judges in Harris County and was a power in the Harris County GOP. Hotze's attorney is the past chair of the Harris County GOP and is another asshole

Luckovich-Look trump's hands are not in the cookie jar

I love the size of trump's hands

Trump's lawyers claim the president is an elected king

trump is claiming to be above the law. I hope that the Second Circuit rejects this claim
So the president’s position, as described by his and his administration’s lawyers, is that law enforcement at all levels of government may not investigate or prosecute him and that the president gets to decide when impeachment proceedings against him are constitutional. In other words, there are no checks on presidential behavior between elections every four years.

Then again, Trump has also joked about seeking an illegal third term. So who knows what he would say if he lost the 2020 election. He has effectively declared that the United States has an elected king. He is not far off from claiming that he gets to decide whether an election result is legitimate — or the product of “fake news” and massive, invisible voter fraud.

On the bright side, there are still some in government — those the president’s shameless press secretary Stephanie Grisham denigrated as “radical unelected bureaucrats waging war on the Constitution” — who see the conduct of national affairs as more than a partisan battle, a personality cult or a vanity project. Key executive branch witnesses, decorated and devoted civil servants, in the last two weeks defied Trump’s insistence that no one testify before congressional investigators. Their accounts depicted a president who used the leverage of U.S. foreign policy to pressure a desperate allied country to fabricate a scandal about former vice president Joe Biden, one of the president’s political rivals.

Assuming that Trump does not, in fact, destroy the Republic, when he is gone and his toadies are swept from power, these “radical unelected bureaucrats,” such as former Ukraine envoy William B. Taylor Jr., will be remembered as heroes — and the lawyers who tried to assign dictatorial powers to a vile man will be remembered for what they are: collaborators.

Luckovich-This will distract from Trump/Ukraine


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