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LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
February 10, 2023

Supreme Court justices face new pressure to adopt code of conduct

The SCOTUS needs to adopt a code of ethics

— Every time allegations are made about ethical lapses on the Supreme Court, the same question is asked: Why, unlike federal judges in lower courts, do the nine justices not have a binding code of conduct?

It came up amid the furor over the conservative political activism of Justice Clarence Thomas' wife, Virginia "Ginni" Thomas, including her support for former President Donald Trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election results.....

Until now, the justices have held firm, even though district court and appeals court judges are bound by a judicial ethics code. Among other things, it requires judges to "avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety in all activities." If judges breach the code, they can be investigated and reprimanded via a separate complaint process.

The justices say they follow the spirit of the code, introduced in 1973, but they have never formally adopted one of their own. There is also no procedure that allows for complaints to be investigated short of the drastic step of impeachment.

Pressure has repeatedly come from Congress, with Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., set to re-introduce legislation on Thursday that would require the justices to adopt a code. Similar efforts in recent years have failed.

"It’s a simple, nonpartisan solution to increase transparency, enforce accountability, and start to rebuild public confidence in the court," Murphy said in a statement.
February 10, 2023

House Republicans ask Hunter Biden for records on his business dealings

Hunter Biden has hired Abbe Lowell who is a great attorney. This will be fun to watch

This is the same objection used by Gym Jordan and Kevin McCarthy in not responding to the J6 Committee subpoenas. If this excuse was okay for Kevin and Gym, then this excuse should work for Hunter.

Hunter Biden's legal counsel on Thursday rejected a request from House Republicans for records and information related to his business dealings.

In a letter to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., the lawyer, Abbe Lowell, said the committee “lacks a legitimate legislative purpose and oversight basis for requesting such records from Mr. Biden, who is a private citizen.” Lowell said they would not comply with the Republicans’ request but offered to meet with committee members “to see whether Mr. Biden has information that may inform some legitimate legislative purpose.”
February 9, 2023

FACT SHEET: Congressional Republicans' Many Proposals to Cut Social Security and Medicare


President Biden has taken action to strengthen Medicare and protect Social Security – bedrock programs that Americans have paid into and that tens of millions of seniors depend on to support their livelihoods. Congressional Republicans, however, have a different record. For years, Republican Members of Congress have repeatedly tried to cut Medicare and Social Security, move toward privatizing one or both programs, and raise the Social Security retirement age and Medicare eligibility age. And just last week, House Republicans introduced legislation to repeal President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, which would give tens of billions of dollars in subsidies back to Big Pharma, raise seniors’ prescription drug prices, and raise taxes on an estimated 14.5 million people – all while increasing the deficit.

In Tampa, Florida today, President Biden will highlight the work his Administration is doing to protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security, while Republican Members of Congress continue to push plans that would undermine these programs and the economic security of millions of their constituents.

Congressional Republicans’ long record of working to cut Medicare, Social Security:

Senator Mike Lee said: “One thing that you probably haven’t ever heard from a politician: it will be my objective to phase out Social Security. To pull it up by the roots, and get rid of it.”

In November, John Thune, the number two Senate Republican in leadership, declared that Social Security and Medicare benefits should be slashed.

Florida Senator Rick Scott is championing a plan to put Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security on the chopping block every five years, which would put the health and economic security of 63 million Medicare beneficiaries, 69 million Medicaid beneficiaries and 65 million Social Security beneficiaries at risk. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin proposed sunsetting these laws every year.

The Republican Study Committee – which includes a majority of House Republicans – released a formal budget that, according to Politico, included “raising the eligibility ages for each program, along with withholding payments for individuals who retire early or had a certain income, and privatized funding for Social Security to lower income taxes.”

And in 2015, most House Republicans, including Speaker McCarthy, Rep. Scalise, and a host of others in current leadership, voted to raise the retirement age to 70, which would cut Social Security benefits for tens of millions of seniors who paid into the system for years.
February 9, 2023

Ex-Trump official squirms when Morning Joe hosts corner him on Jan. 6 insurrection

This asshole is a TFG supporter who would not comment on TFG attempting to deny the peaceful transfer of power. DO NOT BUY THIS ASSHOLE's book.

Donald Trump's post-election acting secretary of defense refused to denounce the former president under questioning on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

Christopher Miller, who served as defense secretary from Nov. 9, 2020, until Jan. 20, 2021, filibustered when asked a direct question about the ex-president's role in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

"My question to you is, I didn't see anything in the book that I read -- and I might have missed it -- where you get to the point where your boss, Donald J. Trump, interfered actively in the transfer of legally constitutional transfer of power," said analyst Mike Barnicle. "Why is that?".....

"Your question, though, and I'm serious, thanks for, you know, the question and being a part of that, so the question is, why didn't I call out President Trump for being extra-constitutional or trying to overthrow the government?" Miller said. "Yeah, I've been very clear in previous testimony and in public statements that I think his activities on the 6th and with this, with the transfer of power were not helpful."

"I sound like I'm tap dancing, I know, but it's, like, let the courts figure it out," Miller added. "We impeached the guy, we had the 1/6 Committee and they referred charges. Let's see this out. You guys bring up the questions about the other secretaries of defense and all these things. I'm like, yeah, let's, you know -- decision making and leadership, let's get as much information as we can, and we still are waiting for more information, so court's out for me. I mean, you can criticize me."

February 9, 2023

James O'Keefe Is on Paid Leave From Project Veritas

This really makes me smile. O'Keefe is involved in the theft of Ashley Biden's diary and other crimes.

James O’Keefe, the founder and chairman of Project Veritas, has taken a paid leave from the conservative nonprofit media organization as its board considers whether to remove him from his leadership position, according to current and former employees of the organization.

An internal message sent to Project Veritas employees by the organization’s executive director, Daniel Strack, said that O’Keefe would be taking “a few weeks of well-deserved PTO.” An image of the message was shared by a source familiar with the organization’s internal operations, and its authenticity was confirmed by a current employee. When reached for comment on his personal cell phone, O’Keefe said nothing in response and did not respond to follow-up calls and text messages. Through a Project Veritas spokesman, Strack later released a statement on behalf of the organization. “Like all newsrooms at this stage, the Project Veritas Board of Directors and Management are constantly evaluating what the best path forward is for the organization,” the statement read in part. It did not directly address questions about O’Keefe’s employment status. “There are 65+ employees at Project Veritas dedicated to continuing the mission to expose corruption, dishonesty, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions,” the statement read. “To our supporters: We hear you, we care about you, and we will never give up.”

O’Keefe is his organization’s guiding ideological force and onscreen face, but his status as its day-to-day manager has become uncertain amid reports of internal turmoil, lawsuits from former employees, leaks about its internal workings, and a federal investigation into its conduct in purchasing a diary stolen from Ashley Biden, the president’s daughter. Strack’s internal message to employees made reference to what he called “a distracting time” and said that a board meeting had been held to discuss “the health of the organization” and that while “we have not come up with final solutions yet we have made a few immediate decisions.” The message said two top Project Veritas executives, including the nonprofit’s chief financial officer, had been “reinstated.” Multiple sources said that the pair had recently been fired by O’Keefe.
February 9, 2023

Jamie Raskin on why Trump charges are 'almost inevitable'

I also believe that TFG will be indicted

Trump, the 'one-man crime wave'
Jordan Rubin: Obviously, you believe that there’s a good case that Donald Trump and others have committed federal crimes. What would it mean if charges did not ultimately come?

Rep. Jamie Raskin: Even before entertaining that hypothetical challenge, I’d rather focus on the idea that it’s almost inevitable that there will be charges, because the evidence is just so overwhelming.

Interference with a federal proceeding — in this case, the joint session of Congress, counting Electoral College votes — was not only the crime, but it was the whole point of “Stop the Steal.” That was Donald Trump’s complete and obvious and naked intent to get people to go in and interfere with the counting of votes and to stop it, delay it, postpone it by any means necessary. So that just seems completely straightforward. And that’s just one of the referrals.

We think there will be charges probably on some things we didn’t even have, because we don’t have all of the prosecutorial resources that the Department of Justice has, and so we think they probably collected a lot more evidence than we got.

Now, if he were to somehow escape the grasp of the criminal justice system here, this would be a painful thing for the country and for millions and millions of people who have held on to the idea that we have one system of justice. And it doesn’t make sense that more than 900 people can be charged and prosecuted and convicted and sentenced for things like assaulting federal officers and destroying federal property and seditious conspiracy, which means conspiracy to overthrow the government, and yet the guy who’s at the very top of the pyramid, who set all of the events into motion, somehow walks off scot free. I mean, I think that is a blow to our justice system.

On the other hand, he’s facing lots of other criminal charges and civil charges around the country. He’s basically a one-man crime wave. And so he might get his comeuppance in some other jurisdictions first, I don’t know about that. But ultimately, we have to believe that the justice system is going to work.
February 9, 2023

'The white trash in the Republican Party is just staggering': Southern Dem strategist on 'rude' GOP

Carville was in great form

Former Democratic strategist and infamous southerner James Carville bashed Republicans for their behavior during the State of the Union Address on Tuesday, calling them "white trash."

"Well, you know, I told people I have a PhD in white trashology, you saw real white trash on display," said Carville, speaking to MSNBC's Ari Melber. "Let me say something about congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), she dresses like white trash. She really needs a fashion consultant. I recommend George Santos. He could do a good job of dressing up where she doesn't announce her white trashdom by her own clothes."

Greene was attempting to dress like a white balloon but that appeared to be lost on most Americans who don't follow her on Twitter. The bash by Carville is reminiscent of conservative Matt Lewis who wrote in the Daily Beast that Trump would never have Greene as his VP because she was too "low rent" for his high style. Republicans who spoke to Raw Story were displeased with Greene's behavior at the speech......

"When something like this happens, how could we be this lucky?" Carville asked. "How could they just walk right into it, right? I mean, oh, my God. They did it. And I know -- I'm positive [the White House staff] were hoping for this reaction, but they'd have been satisfied with half of it, but they just went and walked right into the trap. And Kevin McCarthy, who is not white trash, he's just white Jell-O, he knew what happened."

Carville went on to cite people like Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) who similarly shouted and made a scene in the past State of the Union Address.

"You cannot do anything to have low-quality people — Lauren Boebert met her husband when -- allegedly according to the police report, exposed himself to her at a bowling alley," said Carville. "This is not made-up stuff. This is who they are! And even McCarthy, as gutless and spineless as he is, knew that they walked right into the trap. It's unbelievable."

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