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LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
February 9, 2023

Rick Scott isn't helping his case on Social Security and Medicare

Rick Scott really wants to sunset Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and all other social programs. Scott doubled down on his plans today after being called out last night by President Biden in the SOTU.


And yet, Scott keeps digging deeper. The Washington Post reported this morning:

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) doubled down Wednesday on a plan that would require all legislation — including that relating to popular programs, such as Social Security and Medicare — to be passed every five years to stay on the books. Scott’s comments, made in a tweet, followed a reference by President Biden on Tuesday night to Scott’s plan, which Democrats used as fodder to attack Republicans in advance of the midterm elections last year.

In his State of the Union address, President Joe Biden did not call out Scott by name, but there was no real doubt who he was talking about when he referenced “some” Republicans who would allow Medicare and Social Security to sunset.

In response to GOP heckling, the Democrat added, “I’m politely not naming them, but it’s being proposed by some of you.”

It was against this backdrop that Scott turned to Twitter this morning, standing by his plan to sunset “all federal legislation” after five years. “If a law is worth keeping,” the Floridian wrote, “Congress can pass it again.”.....

For the far-right Floridian to double down on this point again today only helps bolster the White House’s point. Scott seemed to think he was correcting Biden with his Twitter thread, when in fact he inadvertently helped prove the president right.
February 9, 2023

Jamie Raskin just schooled Republicans on the First Amendment

Twitter is a private company and the First Amendment only applies to state actors. The hearing today was a joke and I am glad that we had a constitutional law professor on this panel.

Jamie Raskin taught constitutional law for decades, and on Wednesday the Maryland Democrat took House Republicans to school on the First Amendment.

The lesson came during a House Oversight Committee hearing at which Republicans tried to harness their obsessions with Hunter Biden’s laptop and "Big Tech" into something resembling a coherent complaint. As NBC News reported Wednesday:

The witnesses were called before the committee to answer questions about the platform's [Twitter's] handling of New York Post reporting in 2020 about the alleged contents of a laptop owned by Hunter Biden, in which the social media company controversially blocked users from tweeting and direct-messaging about it.

Raskin blasted the Republican-led effort as a “trivial pursuit,” pointing out that under the First Amendment, which applies to government action, private companies can curate content however they want.

“Twitter is a private media company,” the panel’s top Democrat apparently needed to remind his GOP counterparts.


February 8, 2023

Why Republican heckling of Biden's State of the Union mattered

MTG, Boebert, Gaetz and company ignored McCarthy's instructions and attempted to heckle President Biden. This tactic failed in that President Biden ignored the heckling.

Nevertheless, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reminded his members yesterday to be on their best behavior and conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Several of them, apparently unable to help themselves, ignored the good advice. It was a reminder that as coarse as GOP politics was in 2009, it’s even more toxic now.

But there was another dimension to this that shouldn’t go overlooked amidst the disappointment with the Republicans’ childish antics: Biden didn’t seem to mind.

“Instead of making the wealthy pay their fair share, some Republicans, some Republicans, want Medicare and Social Security to sunset,” the president said, referring to Florida Sen. Rick Scott’s far-right plan. When GOP lawmakers responded with boos, Biden departed from his prepared remarks, apparently pleased with the partisan jeers.

After some additional exchanges — the president said with a smile that he enjoys “conversion” — the Democrat concluded, “So folks, as we all apparently agree, Social Security and Medicare is off the books now, right? We’ve got unanimity.”

A Politico report added this morning, “West Wing aides cheered and high-fived each other as Biden engaged Republicans who were triggered by his accusation that some in the GOP want to cut Medicare and Social Security. When Biden returned to the White House and met with his staff, Ron Klain hailed the clash over entitlements as one of the all-time great State of the Union moments that people would look back on for years.”

I understand that one West Wing staffer told reporters that President Biden is the POTUS and the hecklers are in effect beneath him
February 8, 2023

Romney excoriates Santos, saying he's a 'sick puppy' who should have been 'sitting in the back row'

Santos is such an embarrassment to the GOP that Senator Romney had to call this asshole out

— Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, chided Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., on Tuesday night ahead of President Joe Biden's address in what appeared to be a tense exchange on the House floor.

Santos, who has faced calls to resign after he admitted having lied about much of his background, had positioned himself along the chamber's middle aisle ahead of Biden's speech. Lawmakers will often choose to sit along the aisle for the State of the Union so they can greet and shake hands with the president as he enters and walks toward the dais.

As senators made their way into the House, Romney had a brief exchange with Santos, who looked annoyed as Romney walked away. Romney spoke to reporters about the interaction after Biden's address.

"Given the fact that he’s under ethics investigation, he should be sitting in the back row and being quiet instead of parading in front of the president," he added.

February 8, 2023

Sheila Jackson Lee is always on the aisle

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s son and my son were in school together and I am friends with congressman Al Green. Sheila and Al are very competitive. Al introduced me at an event with Sheila as a civil tights attorney. Sheila knows that I am not a civil rights attorney.

Sheila is always on the aisle. I saw Al on the aisle. President Biden somehow managed to not speak to either Sheila or Al. This was a good move by President Biden

February 7, 2023

Rep. Boebert suggests God used her to stand up to McCarthy

This religious nut case is scary

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) suggested that God used her to stand up to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), whom she indirectly referred to as one of her “demons,” while speaking at a women’s conference at a Dallas church over the weekend.

“Ladies … God is using you in mighty ways,” she told a crowd of what appeared to be mostly women, according to clips of her remarks posted by PatriotTakes, a liberal PAC. Boebert was a featured speaker at the SALT Conference at Storehouse Dallas, which aims to provide “spiritual and leadership training to equip an army of women to awaken culture with the truth and love of Jesus.”

“Maybe he’ll have you ball up your fists and stand in front of some demons — maybe a speaker of the House?” Boebert added, to laughter and a standing ovation from those in the audience.......

Last year, Boebert faced criticism after she told congregants at a Colorado religious service that she was “tired” of the separation of church and state in the United States.

“The church is supposed to direct the government. The government is not supposed to direct the church. That is not how our Founding Fathers intended it,” Boebert said then. “I’m tired of this separation of church and state junk that’s not in the Constitution. It was in a stinking letter, and it means nothing like what they say it does.”
February 7, 2023

7 more Memphis police officers under investigation in Tyre Nichols incident

Source: ABC

Seven additional Memphis police officers could face discipline in connection with the Tyre Nichols incident, the city's chief legal officer, Jennifer Sink, told ABC News Tuesday.

Those additional officers will be receiving a "statement of charges," which notifies an officer about a policy violation prior to an administrative hearing and decision about discipline, officials said.

"The administrative investigation is still ongoing, and so this information is subject to change," Sink said in a statement. "The administrative investigation is solely to determine if city policies were violated and what disciplinary action should be taken."

These seven officers under investigation are in addition to the six Memphis police officers who were fired after Nichols died following a violent encounter with Memphis police caught on body camera.

Five of those six fired officers were charged with second-degree murder among several other felonies.

Read more: https://abcnews.go.com/US/7-memphis-police-officers-investigation-tyre-nichols-incident/story?id=96954451&cid=social_twitter_abcn

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