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Member since: Mon Apr 5, 2004, 03:58 PM
Number of posts: 90,959

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New ad from Biden campaign


Happy Birthday to Speaker Pelosi-our true national leader


Coronavirus cases are rising faster in states that voted for Trump: Nate Silver


The novel coronavirus, not being sentient and knowing nothing about human ways, has no political affiliation and doesn’t discriminate between Democrats and Republicans as it spreads across the country.

However, according to statistical expert Nate Silver, the data so far indicate that the virus is spreading more readily in states that voted for President Donald Trump.


Trump campaign freaks and threatens legal action against ad that used the president's own words


President Donald Trump’s campaign is freaking out after the group Priorities USA used the president’s own words against him on his response to the coronavirus.

The president was slow to act on the crisis, thinking that barring anyone from China from coming into the United States somehow saved the county. The virus didn’t observe borders, however. People beyond China contracted the virus and those came in contact with Americans or flew to the United States where the virus continued to spread.

Still, Trump refused to act, saying that it was nothing more than a flu. Even during a briefing yesterday, Wednesday, March 24, Trump, again, compared it to the flu and to car accidents.
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“We have a lot of people dying from the flu, as you know,” Trump told reporters. “It looks like it could be over 50,000,” he said about the current flu season. He later had to clarify that he was talking about deaths from the flu, “not cases, 50,000 deaths, which is a lot.”


03/26 Mike Luckovich: The city that can't sleep


NBC and CNN producers say they're through airing Trump's virus pressers.


Great Biden ad-Donald Trump knew about the threat the coronavirus posed and failed to act.


Fox News clips used to show that trump is suffering mental decline


03/25 Mike Luckovich: Worried


It appears that sanders will stay in primary until April 28 NY primary

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