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Member since: Mon Apr 5, 2004, 03:58 PM
Number of posts: 90,959

Journal Archives

Statement from Vice President Joe Biden on Congressional negotiations


Joe won despite being heavily outspent by sanders


New Joe Biden ad-Donald Trump has failed the American people.


Ron Klain, former White House Ebola Response Coordinator, breaks down how trump screwed things up


Harry Enten on recent polling that show that Joe Biden should defeat trump


Run offs for the Texas Democratic and Republican primaries moved to July 14

Abbott has moved the primary runoffs from May 26 to July 14

03/20 Mike Luckovich: Fighting unarmed


Call with Sally Yates, Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General - LFB Update

We are gearing up
Subject: Call with Sally Yates, Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General - LFB Update

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your support for Joe Biden’s campaign. After last night’s election results, we are extremely excited to have nearly doubled our delegate lead and have once again expanded our coalition to include new voters. As Vice President Biden said last night our goal is to unite our party - and our country - to work together to get through this crisis.

As members of Lawyers for Biden Finance Committee, we invite you to join us for a campaign update call with Dana Remus, Biden for President General Counsel, and special guest, former United States Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, this Friday, March 20th at 4:30pm EST.

To RSVP, please click here.

You will then receive an email with the call-in number and your personalized pin number.

We are also consideringholding a call to provide tips and training for those new to fundraising. If you would be interested in joining, please fill out this form.


Georgette Brammer
Southeast Regional Deputy Finance Director
Biden for President

Latest from Lawyers for Biden

Here is the latest e-mail from the Lawyers for Biden


Joe Biden won Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, and Idaho last week. Voters rejected the attacks on Joe Biden - from Trump’s paid ads to Trump’s virulent supporters online. Because voters know Joe Biden. They know his character. They know his values. And, they know he’ll fight for them as president. We believe that after the victories last week Joe Biden is on track to win the plurality of delegates.

You can still sign up to help with our voter protection hotline for the elections on Tuesday, March 17th. The goal of the hotline will be to provide a single number for Biden supporters to call to obtain information about where and how to vote in their states, and to report problems they may encounter while voting. No prior voter protection experience is necessary. All you will need is a quiet place to work on Tuesday, headphones, and a computer. We will provide guidance on voting laws, as well as contact information for the DNC’s voter hotline.

To help, please sign up for one (or several!) time slots for the March 17th elections. After you sign up, you will receive an email with the website and login information, and an invitation for a training call. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Deputy General Counsel Lynn Eisenberg at leisenberg@joebiden.com.

In accordance with guidance from public officials and out of an abundance of caution, starting this weekend, most of our staff will be working from home. As we navigate what will be a “virtual” campaign without mass gatherings, rallies, or the canvassing that we are all familiar with, we need help reaching out to voters through the primaries:

• Check out these links to make calls and texts for Joe from anywhere.
• You can also sign up for training on how to phonebank here.
• Encourage your friends to join the Lawyers for Biden Finance Committee.
• Please consider making another donation and asking your network: Donate to Lawyers for Biden
• Ensure you are still able to vote and consider looking into vote-by-mail and absentee ballot options.

And finally, please tune into the debate tonight hosted by CNN and Univision at 8 PM EST. Thanks again for all your hard work!


• New op-ed on coronavirus -- Joe Biden: The virus lays bare the shortcomings of the Trump administration.
• Yesterday, the National Education Association (NEA), the country’s largest labor union representing more than three million educators, announced it is endorsing Joe Biden for President of the United States.
• Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul and Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh endorsed Joe Biden.
• The National Wildlife Federation Action Fund, the sister organization to the National Wildlife Federation, America’s largest wildlife conservation organization, issued this press release endorsing Joe Biden for President of the United States.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Georgette Brammer
Finance | Biden for President
Follow @teamjoe & @joebiden on Twitter

More than 80 national security professionals endorse Joe Biden


More than 80 career national security professionals have signed an open letter of support for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, saying that President Trump “has created an existential danger to the United States.”

Most of the signatories, who include career diplomats, intelligence officers and defense policymakers, have served both Republican and Democratic administrations. They noted that their policy views cover a spectrum and as officials they “have often been in opposition, sometimes bitterly, with each other.”

But in a letter published online Wednesday, they expressed a shared belief that Trump’s approach to leadership has undermined the country’s role in the world.

“His reelection would continue this downward spiral and will likely have catastrophic results,” say the signatories, most of whom have never publicly endorsed a candidate for president.
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