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Member since: Mon Apr 5, 2004, 03:58 PM
Number of posts: 91,029

Journal Archives

03/19 Mike Luckovich: The frontlines


Senator Amy Klobuchar has a great Joe Biden story


New Biden ad on response to virus


Statement from @JoeBiden on immediate steps to combat COVID-19


May non-paritsan/city/local elections moved to November

In Texas, there are local city/county/school board election in early May. Historically these elections have been non-partisan but that has been changing. These elections are scheduled for May 2 but Greg Abbott just moved these elections to November
We still have primary run off elections schedule on May 20 but only having one set of elections will help

03/18 Mike Luckovich: Thanks alot


Luckovich-Maybe you should stop talking


According to Norway, the United States is a poorly develed country


Sirota is on MSNBC

I change channels. sanders has repeatedly shown bad judgement by first hiring and then not firing a liar like Sirota. Sirota is a horrible choice as a spokesperson.

sanders has also demonstrated poor judgement by hiring Jill Stein voters. A vote for Stein was a vote for trump and Putin

Senator Cornyn was called out by Chef Andres

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