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Backlash to Trumpism Brewing in the Border Region of the US

There are a large number of real democrats who are working to turn Texas blue. One key to this is to get Hispanic voters to vote and increase Hispanic turnout. If Hispanic Voters in Texas voted in the same percentages as in California, Texas would be blue. Trump's ICE has been conducting raids and arresting anyone who is too brown. This is causing a backlash that may help turn Texas blue. https://medium.com/@Simon_Rosenberg/backlash-to-trumpism-brewing-in-the-border-region-of-the-us-b7db4fe53e4

Digging a little deeper into 2016, Clinton lost far less ground in heavily Hispanics states like CO, FL and NV in the Presidential battleground than she did in the northern states, and she even managed to hold on and win CO and NV. Clinton only lost Arizona by 3.5 pts, a closer margin than GA, IA, NC and OH, making Arizona an official part of the national Presidential battleground for the first time in decades.....

Notable is the President’s strength in Ohio and Iowa, but what is perhaps most striking about this data was how low Trump’s numbers were in Arizona, Florida and of course Texas. That the second largest state in the country was now acting like a battleground state and not a safe Red confirms that something indeed is up in the border region of the US.

In recent weeks we’ve gotten some early polling from statewide races in the region which also finds GOP erosion (data is from Real Clear Politics). In Arizona we find Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema leading all three of her potential GOP opponents in the Flake open Senate seat by at least 6 points, receiving at least 48% in each match up. In Nevada, incumbent GOPer Dean Heller is in a dead even race against Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen, 40%-39%. Remarkably, in Texas, Ted Cruz leads his largely unknown opponent, Beto O’Rourke, by just 3 points, 47%-44%. In Florida, incumbent Democrat Senator Bill Nelson leads the two-time elected Governor, Rick Scott, by 4 in each of two recent polls — 46% to 42% and 44% to 40%.

Even the popular Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, only checked in at 49–40% and 48–41% against two relatively unknown Democratic opponents in that same Texas poll. Abbott won 2014 by 21 points and is now up 8; Cruz and won in 2012 by 16 and is now up 3. While just one poll, these findings are consistent with other data showing a significant structural shift in Texas towards the Democrats of at least 7 points, and perhaps even more.

If Lupe Valdez or Andrew White are within 7% to 9% of Greg Abbott at this stage, then Texas may be a battleground state.

In addition to the trump's ICE raids, the Texas Democratic Party plans to use the Texas "show me your papers" law as an issue. Dan Patrick and Greg Abbott have been doing their best to alienated Hispanic voters and these efforts together with trump's ICE raids may be working

Mike Luckovich: Thomas Jefferson overpaid


Nothing Says GOP and NRA Quite Like An Old White Guy Who Committed Treason

From Juanita Jean http://juanitajean.com/nothing-says-gop-and-nra-quite-like-an-old-white-guy-who-committed-treason/

Oh yeah, it’s Ollie!

Y’all, it’s kinda sad. The GOP doesn’t have any leaders left who haven’t been convicted of some damn thing.

Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North is poised to become the new president of the National Rifle Association, according to a press release. North, a Fox News host and key figure in the Iran-Contra scandal, will become president “within a few weeks, a process the NRA Board of Directors initiated” Monday morning, the release says. North is retiring from Fox News immediately.

Remember how he had to be granted immunity before he’d testify before congress on Iran Contra? Delicate little snowflake.

"ACLU seeks $51K for fight with Kobach that led to contempt finding"

This will be fun to watch http://electionlawblog.org/?p=99004

Topeka Capital Journal:

The American Civil Liberties Union is asking for more than $50,000 in compensation for hours spent fighting Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach over issues that led to his contempt of court finding.

U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson ordered Kobach’s office to pay for attorney fees and expenses when she ruled last month that Kobach ignored her orders after she blocked enforcement of the state’s voter registration law. Kobach has filed a notice with the court saying he intends to appeal her decision.

Kobach failed to follow through on a promise to Robinson that counties would send postcards notifying people they could vote, even if they failed to show proof of citizenship when they registered. He continued to fight the notion that postcards were necessary until the day of his contempt hearing, which followed a trial in which he struggled to prove claims of widespread voter fraud

Preet Bharara for NY AG


Special counsel Robert Mueller rejects President Trump's request to answer questions in writing


Voter ID isn't racist -- it's there to protect GOP rule in Texas


Painter vs. Dershowitz: A Matter of Honor -


President George H.W. Bush discharged from hospital


Rudy Giuliani's big reality-show reveal: The "billionaire" in the White House is broke

Trump is not a billionaire. Billionaires do not have to borrow money from their attorney to pay hush money https://www.salon.com/2018/05/04/rudy-giulianis-big-reality-show-reveal-the-billionaire-in-the-white-house-is-broke/

The way that Trump “funneled” hush money to a porn actress just 11 days before the election sure makes it look that way. This would be consistent with four decades of Trump claiming vast wealth, but not being able to pay his bills as they come due.

As you read what follows keep two thoughts in mind.

First, would any billionaire need months to pay a $130,000 bill?

Second, there is not now and never has been a shred of verifiable evidence that Trump is or ever was a billionaire, a myth I first demolished using his own net worth statement prepared for a lawsuit in spring 1990.....

Maybe these comments will get political journalists to stop making a claim that Trump has himself taken back and to look hard at whether his fortune is really just massive cash flow, not wealth. And much of that cash flow may be going to pay interests on debts that, because of loopholes in federal ethics and campaign finance laws, he has not been required to disclose.

As readers of DCReport know, Trump last year claimed to be worth just $1.4 billion. That figure, attested to by Trump under penalty of perjury, is a nearly 90 percent reduction from the more than $10 billion he touted on the campaign trail.

Even that much-reduced net worth figure is grossly inflated. For example, Trump claims his Scottish golf courses are each worth more than $50 million. That’s odd because in recent years they have lost tens of millions of dollars, British disclosure statements show.

If put on the market the Scottish courses might well fail to attract any buyer because their value, including debt, appears to be less than zero.
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