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Mike Luckovich: 5 hours late


Trump's Stormy Daniels tweets show how easy he is to blackmail

The latest revelations show that trump is easy to blackmail. Trump paid $130,000 to cover up a one night stand. This is not a good thing https://www.vox.com/2018/5/3/17314586/trump-stormy-daniels-blackmail-tweet

Whether that argument succeeds on its own narrow legal terms is, of course, interesting and important (as is the question of whether Trump’s current story is true or if he is once again lying). But the broader issue posed by the Stormy situation is simpler: A president who is in the habit of cutting secret six-figure checks is a president who is subject to a wide range of implicit and explicit blackmail by anyone ranging from a porn actress to a foreign intelligence service.

Indeed, Trump’s most recent account of the situation manages to both underscore how easy it is to gain leverage over him and how vanishingly unlikely it is that Daniels is the only scandal that’s been swept under the rug.

And while the particulars of the Daniels situation have attracted media attention in part specifically because of how tawdry and comical it is, we have some indications that similar considerations of cover-up and damage control are meaningfully influencing Trump-era policy....

Indeed, to this day, Trump is continuing his legal efforts to prevent Daniels from speaking in public either because her story is extremely damaging to Trump or (more likely) to discourage other people with whom Trump has signed nondisclosure agreements from speaking.

This is an extraordinary level of vulnerability for a man in a uniquely powerful position, and it’s made all the more extraordinary by the fact that he is non-transparent in completely unprecedented ways. We have virtually no knowledge of the president’s business interests or finances, and we recently learned that even something as basic as the physical exam of his personal health that was released to the public is a sham.

Putin may have an extensive file on trump including the pee tape. If trump is willing to jump through this many hoops and tell this many lies just for an one-night stand, think what trump will do to keep the pee tape quiet.

Michael Hayden reveals Jade Helm was Russian Disinformation Campaign

This is interesting https://www.txdemocrats.org/media/former-nsa-and-cia-director-michael-hayden-reveals-jade-helm-was-russian-disinformation-campaign/

Austin, TX – Yesterday, Former NSA and CIA Director Michael Hayden revealed that Jade Helm 15 was a test-run of the first Russian disinformation campaign.

At the 33:02 minute mark, Hayden describes the incident in detail. For the first time, the former NSA and CIA Director reveals that Russia engaged in information warfare to convince Texans that Jade Helm 15 was an Obama planned military exercise to round up political dissidents. The story drew massive controversy as Texas Governor Abbott lent credence to conspiracy theorists by calling in the Texas National Guard to monitor our own U.S. Military....

Texas Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“Republican Gov. Greg Abbott was a Russian pawn and a useful idiot for Russian efforts to turn gullible Texas Republicans against the United States.

“Michael Hayden knows a Russian operation when he sees it. Hayden served the America people under three different administrations in high-profile intelligence roles.

“But, it doesn’t take an intelligence expert to see that Trump Republican Greg Abbott calling the Texas National Guard on the U.S. Military was downright idiocy.

Mike Luckovich: Talkative


Mike Luckovich: Time for a reshoot.

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