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DC Circuit Court rejects Greg Abbott's attempt to argue climategate and science

Back in 2007, the SCOTUS ruled that greenhouse gases could be regulated by the EPA under the Clean Air Act. The EPA has adopted some rules in this area and Greg Abbott and some other idiots sued arguing that the science was not conclusive and that the EPA should not rely on the IPCC and other peer reviewed type sources. A fairly conservative panel of the DC circuit rejected Greg's stupidity http://www.cadc.uscourts.gov/internet/opinions.nsf/52AC9DC9471D374685257A290052ACF6/$file/09-1322-1380690.pdf

EPA simply did here what it and other decisionmakers often must do to make a science-based judgment: it sought out and reviewed existing scientific evidence to determine whether a particular finding was warranted. It makes no difference that much of the scientific evidence in large part consisted of “syntheses” of individual studies and research. Even individual studies and research papers often synthesize past work in an area and then build upon it. This is how science works. EPA is not required to re-prove the existence of the atom every time it approaches a scientific question.

It is great watching the courts actually use scientific concepts and research and come to the correct conclusion. Greg Abbott is simply too stupid to understand science and this opinion was a good smackdown of the pseudo science pushed by Greg

GOP Harris County Candidate for judge proud of leading GOP Voter Suppression efforts

Russell Lloyd is the GOP nominee for the 127th Harris County District court. I looked at this candidate's "accomplishments" and was truly shocked and disgusted to see that this potential judge brags about being the head of the GOP Harris County "Ballot Security" program in 1982. http://www.judgerusselllloyd.com/accomplishments.htm Ballot Security is a GOP codeword for voter suppression and voter caging. http://www.brennancenter.org/content/resource/ballot_security_and_voter_suppression/
In 1982, the DNC obtained an injunction against the GOP "Ballot Security"
program because the key element to such program was voter caging and voter suppression. The DNC has maintained that injunction in effect since 1982 and the RNC is prohibited from engaging in "ballot security" and/or voter caging/voter suppression.

Former CJ Rehnquist got his start in GOP politics as a member of a GOP "Ballot Security" team in Arizona where non-white voters were challenged at the polls. I personally doubt that Rehnquist could be confirmed in today's environment due to his participation in the GOP voter suppression program.
http://www.wmitchell.edu/lawreview/documents/3.davidson.pdf and http://www.votelaw.com/blog/blogdocs/GOP_Ballot_Security_Programs.pdf

A federal circuit court just recently affirmed the extension of the injunction against the RNC ballot security program and that opinion as well as the current injunction discusses "ballot security" and voter caging.http://electionlawblog.org/wp-content/uploads/rncvdnc.pdf

I am truly shocked and sadden that a candidate for judge would brag about being part of an illegal voter suppression operation. There is a clear difference between the parties. Republicans want to take the vote away from people and suppress voting rights and Democrats want to protect voting rights. I would hate to see this GOP candidate become judge in that he would replace a good Democratic Judge.

Marijuana Decriminalization Makes It Onto Texas Democratic Platform

Don Bankston from my county got this added to the Texas Democratic Party Platform http://thinkprogress.org/culture/2012/06/18/501639/marijuana-decriminalization-makes-it-onto-texas-democratic-platform/

Marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. Recent polls show over 50% of Americans believe marijuana should be decriminalized. While arrests for marijuana since 1965 have been over 20 million citizens, marijuana is more prevalent than ever before.

There is no evidence that marijuana is a “gateway” drug leading to the use of more lethal drugs. 75% of citizens arrested for marijuana are under 30. Minorities account for a majority of those arrested for marijuana. Criminal conviction permanently scars a young citizen for life.

Texas Democrats urge the President, the Attorney General and the Congress to support the passage of legislation to decriminalize the possession of marijuana and regulate it’s use, production and sale as is done with tobacco and alcohol.

We further urge the immediate decriminalization of the possession and use of medical marijuana.
The Texas Democratic Party has a very progressive party platform

Study: Stand Your Ground Laws Increase Homicides

Texas A&M has a new study out on the effects of Stand Your Ground Laws that I tend to agree with this study (btw, in the interst of full disclosure both of my sibliings are AGGIES)http://www.burntorangereport.com/diary/12379/study-stand-your-ground-laws-are-failed-policy

The new study, from the Department of Economics at Texas A&M, comes to a devastating conclusion in its first page:

"We find no evidence of deterrence; burglary, robbery, and aggravated assault are unaffected by the laws. On the other hand, we find that murder and non-negligent manslaughter are increased by 7 to 9 percent. This could represent either increased use of lethal force in self-defense situations, or the escalation of violence in otherwise non-lethal situations. Regardless, the results indicate that a primary consequence of strengthening self-defense law is increased homicide."

I do not like stand your ground laws and hopefully the case of Zimmerman and the idiot in Houston will show these laws to be dangerous. Here is a link to the story about the Houston idiot who tried this defense http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Houston-stand-your-ground-defendant-found-guilty-3630968.php

Intrade has Walker down to 87%

Intrade had Walker at 93.5% to win earlier today but I just looked at the current price at 87% http://www.intrade.com/v4/markets/contract/?contractId=759686 Some investors/bettors are getting nervous. These investors may have seen the exit polling data and may be getting out.
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