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LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
May 6, 2013

My local Congress Critter is an idiot

I was out with the Fort Bend Silver Democrats at a Cinco de Mayo event to register voters and to support some candidates for the local school board who are being opposed by some unqualified candidates being backed by the tea party. Congressman Pete Olson showed up and stopped by our booth. He had a grumpy look on his face because the local GOP chapter had paid for a booth but did not show up. I could not help myself and showed him a bumper sticker given to me by Juanita Jean herself that stated that 'PERRY SUCKS" Susan Bankston got this from the Obama Store Here is a button that is similar


Petie Olson was not amused and after a couple of seconds to think about it, he responded with the rather lame phrase

Nancy Pelosi sucks

This was the best that Olson could come up with after thinking about the matter. Later Pete read his speech to the Cinco De Mayo event off a note card and it was truly sad. Pete is not a public speaker and his speech was really lame even for a republican.

The good news is that we registered some voters and got some people to sign up for the next party event
May 6, 2013

Fort Bend County Local Race getting Fun

I was a fund raiser for some school board candidates at Susan Bankston's home (aka Juanita Jean) on Thursday and there were talk about the tea party backed candidates getting arrested for stealing political signs. On Saturday, the local paper had an article about this arrest and Juanita Jean had some fun http://juanitajean.com/2013/05/04/fun-with-the-perry-family-battleground-texas-starts-here/

Everything was going pretty smoothly until the Tea Party and a paid Republican political consultant recognized that this particular race is the hotbed of turning Texas blue – the next area of Fort Bend County to flip Democratic. Once this commissioner’s precinct flips, the county will flip and once the county flips, Texas will flip. Fort Bend County, on the edge of Houston, is the most diversified county in America. This is the petri dish of Texas becoming a Democratic state. I live here.

And this school board race is in the Hispanic part of the county that needs energizing. We elected a county commissioner here in 2008 and he kept his seat by a frighteningly slim margin in 2012. If Texas truly is a battleground – it starts here and it starts now.

This school board race began getting ugly back in April, when a local man named Rodney Vannerson, who is bail bondsman, formed a PAC and named it the deceptive “Whistle PAC“. He says they are whistle blowers. He named it that because “We Don’t Want To Pay Our Taxes or Have Our Kids Go To School With All Those Diverse Kids PAC” was already taken.....

Bob Perry died last month and by all reports is still trying to explain to Sweet Jesus about the whole Swift Boat Veterans for Truth thing, but his name lives on – as does his money and political philosophy.

The sad thing is that this is going to be a very low turnout election and the tea party people could win

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