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LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
February 26, 2017

Project LIFT training by Texas Democratic Party for potential candidates for local races

I am not running but I was a co-host (brought subway sandwiches and cookies) for a training session by project LIFT held by the Texas Democratic Party. This event was to train candidates to run in local races. It was an amazing event. We have 50 candidates or potential candidates there being trained to run in state and local races. We have at least three people running for Texas CD 7 (John Culbertson) which is a race that is being targeted by the DCCC. One impressive young man was there who plans to run for this race in 2018. The DCCC already has a person on the ground working in CD 7. There are also at least three people running against Pete Olson in CD 22. We have people who are going to contest GOP state representatives who have not been contested in a long while.

There was a wide diversity of candidates. We has some great speakers. We had Anne Sung who won a tight race for Houston Independent School Board by 33 votes and one of the candidates who won in the City of Pasadena city council race. Pasadena just lost a major redistricting case and this speaker was one of the plaintiffs in the case that got Pasadena bailed in under Section 3 of the Voting Rights Act for gerrymandering.

I am seeing a great deal of excitement on the ground. More importantly all of the subway sandwiches that I bought and all of the cookies were gone by the end of the event.

February 7, 2017

Former Attorney General Eric Holder endorses Tom Perez for DNC chair,

I support Tom Perez.


Now both Joe Biden and AG Holder are supporting Tom

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