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Member since: Mon Apr 5, 2004, 03:58 PM
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TX CD7 town hall-Culbertson

There was a town hall in CD 7 that had a great turnout. They were checking Ids and limiting participation to voters in the district but there was still a great turnout. These tweets make me smile





Debby Kerner is one of four good democrats running to replace Culbertson


Debby Kerner is on the Texas Democratic Party executive committee.

Does anyone else miss President Obama doing his NCAA brackets???

I always enjoyed President Obama doing his NCAA bracket and would compare my bracket to his. It was nice to have a POTUS who had real outside interests and could relate to sports fans. Even though he was very busy and actually working as POTUS, it was clear that President Obama is a sports fan and knew basketball

The current idiot occupying the White House would not be able to complete a bracket due to his short attention span and the fact that he gets all of his news from Fox

I miss President Obama.
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