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Member since: Mon Apr 5, 2004, 03:58 PM
Number of posts: 124,664

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The #TrumpTweetTruck in Houston, Texas.


Luckovich-Come Watson, we have a job to do

I love Willie's new song-Vote them Out


Elon Musk settles with the SEC; will step down as chairman of Tesla's board but remain CEO

This was a fast settlement


A line out the door of Whataburger of people attending a Beto O'Rourke rally.

This makes me smile. I now want a Whataburger


Billboard outside venue for Willie Concert for Beto


Second Beto O'Rourke-Ted Cruz debate postponed

There are ten Democratic Senators in red states up for re-election. McConnell kept these senators in Washington for most of August so that they could not campaign for re-election. This is a shitty trick but is consistent with normal GOP tactics. Now the House has recessed until after midterms but the Senate is still in session. Again McConnell is trying to screw Democratic Senators in red states. McConnell is also screwing one GOP senator in a competitive race. Carnival Cruz was stuck in Washington during August and now Carnival Cruz had to cancel his debate with Beto.
An attempt to reschedule will be somewhat complicated by the fact that Cruz will be casting votes in the U.S. Senate for much of October. The U.S. House is set to adjourn until the midterms on Friday.

I wonder if McConnell is happy with screwing Carnival Cruz. Most Republicans hate Carnival Cruz and so sacrificing Carnival Cruz may be acceptable if it helps the GOP be competitive in the races for the ten Democratic Senators who up for re-election and who live in red states

Pure Speculation-Does anyone think that FBI is now vetting Trump's #2 nominee?

I would not be surprised to hear that the FBI vetting of Trump's second choice for this SCOTUS seat has either started or will be starting before the Friday deadline

Luckovich-Trump, Kavanaugh and Cosby share something in common

John McCain would be ashamed of Lindsey Graham

Graham has lost all claims to having any honor or integrity. Senator John McCain would be disappointed in Lindsey Graham
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