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LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
March 31, 2023

Dominion wins key issues in Motion for Summary judgment

This is major news. I skimmed the opinion and it is tough on Fox. The Delaware court denied Fox's motion for summary judgement and granted Dominion's motion for summary judgement on most issues other than actual malice and publication by Fox Corporation (but held Fox News liable). This means that the only issue to be tried are malice and damages

March 30, 2023

As McCarthy plays with debt ceiling fire, we might all get burned

The debt ceiling and the full faith and credit of the United States should not be played with by an idiot like McCarthy

We were reminded again yesterday that Biden had a point. The Associated Press reported:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said Tuesday he’s increasingly concerned about President Joe Biden’s unwillingness to negotiate on lifting the nation’s borrowing authority, saying in a letter to the president that the White House position could “hold dire ramifications for the entire nation.”

“With each passing day, I am incredibly concerned that you are putting an already fragile economy in jeopardy by insisting upon your extreme position of refusing to negotiate any meaningful changes to out-of-control government spending alongside an increase of the debt limit,” McCarthy wrote in a letter to the White House.

It’s an open question as to whether the House speaker fully appreciates just how painfully ridiculous his letter was. McCarthy and his party are putting the economy in jeopardy, so he accused the president of putting the economy in jeopardy. McCarthy and his party are taking an extreme position by launching a hostage crisis, so he accused Biden of taking an extreme position......

Biden responded to the House speaker late yesterday, again explaining the basics. The president also reminded McCarthy Republicans raised the debt ceiling several times during the Trump era, and there’s nothing stopping them from being similarly responsible this year.

“This has been done by previous Congresses with no conditions attached and this Congress should act quickly to do so now,” Biden explained, reminding the GOP leader of a basic detail Republicans prefer to ignore
March 30, 2023

Disney's Lawyers Are Better Than Ron DeSantis's Lawyers

I saw that DeathSantis is hiring four different law firms to take on Disney. This will be fun to watch.

Ron DeSantis tried to score political points by declaring war on Disney. The House of Mouse had become a popular right-wing punching bag for trying to keep cruise guests from dying and acknowledging that gay people are real.

2024 GOP hopefuls worked to find ways to exact legislative revenge on the company, but the Florida governor found a more direct avenue for retaliation. DeSantis would terminate the state’s agreements giving the company functional oversight of the land surrounding Walt Disney World via the Reedy Creek Improvement District. A hand-picked board of DeSantis cronies would take over the Reedy Creek board and thus control a lot of the land around the park and, presumably, really put the screws to Disney for the sin of being the state’s primary tourist attraction.

But Disney’s lawyers are smarter:

The board announced that a hired special council discovered agreements were made in February between Disney and Reedy Creek, weeks ahead of the signing of HB-9B, which handed over direct control of the district’s development rights and privileges to the company......

As it turns out, seizing control of a lawfully constituted board doesn’t turn on a dime and while DeSantis talked up his plan to the fawning right-wing press, the old board continued entering agreements in the best interest of the area it oversaw. And the best interest of the area involved tying up the land in concrete agreements benefiting the company that drives all economic growth in the area and not the current governor’s polling in Iowa. Tying them up as long as the Rule Against Perpetuities will allow!

And that is why it still makes it onto the bar exam.

But Disney built in another safeguard in case the R.A.P. isn’t enough. Mike DeForest of Orlando’s channel 6 news posted this image from the agreement.

This will be fun to watch
March 29, 2023

Disney outlawyered DeathSantis on the utility district takeover

My family are Disney fans. We have been to Walt Disney World numerous times and my oldest has a time share at WDW. My oldest is taking his siblings and his brother in law to WDW in May. We are headed there in December as a family.

Disney has what is in effect a utility district that maintains the roads and infrastructure for Walt Disney World called Reedy Creek Development. When you are at WDW you see a Reedy Creek Fire Department and police station. When Disney offended DeathSantis on his "don't say gay" law, DeathSantis first had the Florida legis pass a bill to abolish Reedy Creek which would have cause Florida taxpayers assume several billion of bonds and would have been a breach of these bonds.

DeathSantis had the Florida legis rescind that bill and adopt a new bill to let DeathSantis appoint the board of this utility district. Disney had sufficient time to screw DeathSantis' new board


March 29, 2023

Trump tried to make Stormy Daniels a punchline. Now she gets the last laugh.

This makes me smile

And yet here we are five years later, after Cohen’s stint in prison, Avenatti currently serving time, Trump on the precipice of accountability, and Daniels the last woman left standing. Now she could very well be the reason a former president is indicted for the first time in American history.

Daniels took to Twitter Sunday night to share her feelings about the man who has reportedly caused her so much pain potentially finally getting his comeuppance. “I only respond when he posts about me or talks about me on TV...and only a fraction of that,” she tweeted, likely in reference to Trump recently insulting her physical appearance. Daniels as a key player in Trump's historic potential indictment marks a shift in the years'-long narrative of Daniels’ alleged entanglement with the former president. It's a symbolic victory, at the very least, for the many women who have spoken out against Trump’s alleged bad behavior toward them.


.....As absurd as it sounds on its face that an adult film star could be the one to bring down the president, it makes absolute sense when the president in question is Trump. The business mogul turned reality TV star turned once-ruler of the free world has had a most improbable career trajectory. And even when his multiple divorces, affairs, and allegations of sexual misconduct and assault took center stage in his 2016 campaign, voters still looked at him and said that’s my guy. ....

A Trump indictment won’t erase the pain he’s caused for E. Jean Carroll, Summer Zervos, Natasha Stoynoff, Jill Harth, and the other women he allegedly tried to break in order to gain and maintain power. (Again, Trump denies any allegations of sexual assault or misconduct). But with Daniels at the center of what could be the first domino to fall in Trump’s many criminal investigations, there could be some small sense of female restitution.

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