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LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
LetMyPeopleVote's Journal
July 31, 2023

Jack Smith urges Aileen Cannon not to further delay Trump's trial: report

There is enough time in the current schedule to accommodate the new defendant without any further delay

Jack Smith is urging the judge in Donald Trump’s classified documents case not to let extra charges filed last week push back the former president’s trial date.

Trump is currently set to stand trial beginning on May 20 next year, but his former attorney Thomas Parlatore said Sunday that extra charges brought last week, combined with the indictment of a second codefendant, could delay it until after the election.

Smith filed a notice with Judge Aileen Cannon arguing that the new filings shouldn’t “disturb” the schedule and that his team was taking steps to “ensure that it does not do so,” Bloomberg reported Monday.

He promised to “promptly” turn over evidence relating to the new charges, that claim Trump obstructed the FBI’s investigation by attempting to conceal surveillance footage. Mar-a-Lago property manager Carlos De Oliveira was also charged.
July 31, 2023

Potential Trump pardons have become a key issue in the 2024 race

TFG is running to keep from going to prison. TFG is now requiring other GOP candidates to agree to pardon him if they win

On CBS’s “Face the Nation,” former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson became the latest GOP contender to address the issue, as host Margaret Brennan asked him whether Trump should be pardoned “for the good of the country.” After noting that the former president hasn’t yet been convicted of anything, making the line of inquiry premature, Hutchinson added, “I think that anybody who promises pardons during the presidential campaign is not serving our system of justice well and it’s inappropriate.”

His assessment was accurate, but that doesn't mean it's been widely embraced by others in the crowded Republican field. The Washington Post reported on the latest rhetoric from Vivek Ramaswamy, which came at roughly the same time as Hutchinson’s comments.

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said that if elected, he would still pardon Donald Trump despite a new indictment charging the former president with additional crimes related to his alleged hoarding and hiding of classified documents. “I would pardon him,” Ramaswamy, a technology entrepreneur, said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

As part of the same CNN interview, Ramaswamy downplayed the importance of alleged destruction of evidence — the candidate called it a “process crime” — before claiming that pardoning Trump would be a way to “put the grievances of the past behind us.”

As for the rest of the Republican field, there are nearly as many positions as there are competitive candidates.
July 31, 2023

Despite impeachment, Trump again wants to tie strings to Ukraine aid

TFG got impeached once for this stunt. Senator Susan Collins claimed that TFG learned his lesson. As is to be expected, Susan Collins is wrong and TFG has NOT learned his lesson

To hear Sen. Susan Collins tell it, the public could rest easy about the near future. “I believe that [Trump] has learned from this case,” the Maine Republican said in February 2020. “The president has been impeached. That’s a pretty big lesson.

The relevance of that quote continues to linger — because the former president keeps discrediting the idea that he “learned” anything from the ordeal. The Washington Post reported on Trump making comments at his latest rally that were directly relevant to his first impeachment:

Former president Donald Trump called on congressional Republicans to withhold military support for Ukraine until the Biden administration cooperates with their investigations into the president and his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings. The demand, delivered at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday, echoed Trump’s conduct at issue during his first impeachment, when Trump withheld aid from Ukraine while pressuring the country’s president to announce an investigation of Biden.

“Congress should refuse to authorize a single additional shipment of our depleted weapons stockpiles ... to Ukraine until the FBI, DOJ, and IRS hand over every scrap of evidence they have on the Biden Crime Family’s corrupt business dealings,” the former president told attendees......

All the while, the former president himself is reminding the political world of just how little he learned from his 2019 wrongdoing.
July 31, 2023

Why Trump's latest failed lawsuit against CNN matters

TFG is on the path to being named as a vexatious litigant. The lawsuits against Pulitzer Committee, Hillary Clinton and now CNN are really frivolous lawsuits. TFG and Alina Habba are already facing $1 million in sanctions for the Hillary Clinton rico case.


Even before his 2020 election defeat, Trump became unusually litigious when it came to independent news organizations. The Republicans’ campaign filed suit against CNN, for example, and it didn’t turn out well. Trump also sued The New York Times, which also proved pointless. His suit against social media giants was also dismissed.

Despite this record, the former president decided last fall that it’d be a good idea to sue CNN, in large part because some of its on-air hosts referenced the “Big Lie” when talking about Trump’s post-election lying. Trump sought $475 million in punitive damages — yes, he wanted nearly a half-billion dollars — as well as compensatory damages to be determined at trial.

A Washington Post analysis explained soon after that the lawsuit was “riddled with factual errors and non sequiturs” and leaned heavily “on random Twitter users.”

My MSNBC colleague Hayes Brown took a closer look at the specific claims raised by Trump’s lawyers and concluded, “All told, this is less a case of defamation and more a case of crying ‘they were mean to me.’”...

Trump has already faced sanctions for having filed frivolous litigation. I’ll be curious to see if his case against CNN leads to similar punishments.
July 31, 2023

Trump PAC has spent more than $40 million on legal costs this year for himself, others

This is an amazing amount of legal fees. This amount is really amazing in that there are no tier one or tier two firms representing TFG in these lawsuit. TFG is defrauding his idiot donor base to pay for his legal issues

Former president Donald Trump’s political group spent more than $40 million on legal costs in the first half of 2023 to defend Trump, his advisers and others, according to people familiar with the matter, financing legal work that has drawn scrutiny from prosecutors about potential conflicts of interest between Trump and witnesses.

Save America, the former president’s PAC, is expected to disclose about $40.2 million in legal spending in a filing expected Monday, said the people familiar with the filing, who like others interviewed spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss information that has not been made public.

That total is more than any other expense the PAC has incurred during Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign and, according to federal filings from earlier this month, more than Trump’s campaign raised in the second quarter of 2023. It will bring the PAC’s post-presidential legal spending to about $56 million, as Trump faces a federal indictment in Florida, state charges in New York, and the prospect of additional criminal indictments in Washington and Fulton County, Ga.....

The PAC’s own fundraising and creation is under investigation, The Post has reported, though the group has not been accused of wrongdoing. Much of the money it is using to pay for legal bills was raised on false claims that the 2020 election was stolen.

TFG is defrauding or taking advantage of the idiots in his donor base
July 31, 2023

GOPers have a math problem. They want voter suppression to solve it.

The GOP is currently a mainly white party that is in the minority. As demographic trends continue including new younger voters becoming eligible to vote, the GOP will become a smaller minority party. As such, the GOP has to rely on voter suppression, gerrymandering and other tactics to stay in power.

Similar to Alabama, the U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way earlier this year for Louisiana legislators to draw a second majority-Black congressional district, as a lower court had ordered. The 2020 census found Black people make up approximately 33% of the state's population, but only one of Louisiana's six total congressional districts is majority-Black......

Alabama and Louisiana are just two of many states where we’ve seen egregious, right-wing attempts at gerrymandering in recent years.

As CNN reported on the Louisiana redistricting case in June, Republicans in the state have argued the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision doesn’t require them to draw a second majority-Black district:

In filings after the Alabama ruling was handed down, lawyers for the Louisiana Republican state officials argued that the Louisiana dispute presented a “unique situation” that would allow the high court to resolve legal questions about the Voting Rights Act that they claimed were left open by the Alabama ruling, known as Milligan. “Today’s decision in Milligan does not address the district court’s significant errors of law that should rightly result in reversal,” the Louisiana filing said.

Horsford was smart, in his initial comments, to frame gerrymandering as part of a multipronged, Republican effort to deprive nonwhite voters — particularly, Black voters — of power.
July 31, 2023

Trump's New Charges Shouldn't Delay South Florida Trial, DOJ says

The trial was moved back to May and so there is plenty of time to resolve any issues without any additional delay

The federal case against Donald Trump in South Florida became more complex Thursday night and threw a new wrinkle into the 2024 presidential campaign calendar as the former president prepares for a high-profile criminal trial just two months before he hopes to accept the Republican nomination in Milwaukee.

Prosecutors filed a superseding indictment that adds new charges and a new defendant to Trump's case, but even so Special Counsel Jack Smith's office said in a Thursday night filing that it should not delay the mid-May start date that's already been set for the trial in Fort Pierce, Fla.

"The superseding indictment should not disturb the Court’s scheduling order," prosecutors wrote, "or the May 20, 2024 trial date, and the Special Counsel’s Office is taking steps related to discovery and security clearances to ensure that it does not do so."

The new charges relate to allegations that Trump, his personal valet Walt Nauta, and Mar-a-Lago property manager Carlos De Oliveira attempted to delete surveillance video footage at The Mar-a-Lago Club in the summer of 2022.,,,,

It'll be a busy year of legal proceedings for Trump. He's also set to go on trial in March 2024 on New York state felony charges concerning alleged "hush money" payments made during the 2016 presidential campaign, and he's said he also expects to be indicted soon on charges stemming from Smith's probe into efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

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