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Member since: Wed Apr 7, 2004, 08:18 AM
Number of posts: 6,206

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Shaquira McGrath- wait for it...."Redneck Woman"

Being a fan of the music, my first reaction when she started singing was HELL YEAH!!


Neal McCoy 'Where Forever Begins'- one of my entries...

....in the "I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC - CHANGE MY MIND' Challenge


Rev. Gini Gerbasi eyewitness account of Trump's photo op.

Apologies if this has been posted already.

Interview starts at 00.25


Nick Saban Gets It - Wear a mask!

Yes, it's tough to say, but, "Well Done Coach Saban!"


The Folsom Pinball Wizard Blues Mashup

I got a kick out of this.


If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes - OMG!!!

I don't know if this has been posted already, but....


Joe Diffee - dead at 61 - Ships That Don't Come In

Musical preferences and politics be damned. Joe Diffie was an Entertainer, and in my opinion recorded one of the greatest songs ever. This is my personal favorite.


On edit: Joe was a victim of the Coronavirus.

Biden VP pick? None of the above....

This is only my opinion. I hope he looks for a running mate outside the field of candidates who ran for the Democratic nomination. Here are some of some of the reasons I have formed this opinion.

1. There are some candidates who I believe will bring little or nothing to his campaign.
2. There are several candidates that would better serve the country, and themselves by staying in the positions they now hold.
3. There are several candidates who would be ideal choices for key positions in a Biden Administration.

No, I will not assign names to these reasons. That's another can of worms.

There is plenty of time for Joe to decide, but right now I am looking hard at Val Demmings or Hakeem Jeffries as his running mate. My indulgence candidate? Adam Schiff. This may change as I delve deeper into other possibilities.

Kirk Douglas leaves entire Fortune to charity


The Mirror reported that the famous actor left $50million of his $60million fortune to the Douglas Foundation, which aims to "help those who cannot otherwise help themselves".

Some of the beneficiaries from his namesake foundation include St. Lawrence University, where they fund a scholarship for minority and underprivileged students and Westwood's Sinai Temple, which houses the Kirk and Anne Douglas Childhood Center.

The foundation also funds Culver City's Kirk Douglas Theatre, a live performance venue, and Children's Hospital Los Angeles.


thanks for the hearts. (Edit for another heart.)

I received one yesterday, and I received one (Wow! Make that two) 😆today. They were the highlight of each day. For the hearts, thanks from the bottom of mine. 💙
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