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Ahem, about Tonya Lee.....

Someone asked in another thread, " what has she done?"


Spike Lee & His Wife Support Different Candidates
Spike Lee's Wife's Endorsement For President Is Every Bit As Important To Note As Her Husband's
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
6 hours ago NEWS
On Tuesday, Tonya Lewis Lee, wife of filmmaker Spike Lee, responded to the news that Lee is endorsing Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders by offering a separate endorsement of her own. "Just to be clear, while my husband @SpikeLee supports Bernie Sanders @HillaryClinton is my candidate! We need Hillary to be the next POTUS!" she posted on her Twitter and Facebook accounts. Her husband is currently featured in a Sanders radio ad aimed at South Carolina voters ahead of the state's upcoming Democratic primary on Saturday. But unlike Spike, Tonya isn't feeling the Bern

Her husband might have the more high-profile career, but Tonya Lee is a powerhouse and political insider in her own right. A native of New York City, she graduated from Sarah Lawrence College and the University of Virginia School of Law before working in a prestigious Washington, D.C. law firm. In 1992, she met her husband at the Congressional Black Caucus Weekend, and the couple has been together ever since. Tonya later started her own production company, and helped produce the award-winning documentary I Sit Where I Want: The Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education.

She has also been outspoken about public health issues prevalent in the African-American community. In 2007, Lee became the spokesperson for the Office of Minority Healthís campaign ďA Healthy Baby Begins With You,Ē which worked to combat the high infant mortality rate in the United States, which disproportionately affects the black community ó out of every 1,000 African-American babies born in the United States, 11 die in infancy. Lee also produced a short documentary to coincide with the campaign, Crisis in the Crib: Saving Our Nationís Babies.

In 2012, Lee founded the website Healthy You Now, which promotes healthy living for women of color. "When it comes to women of color in general, we tend to be at the top of every bad list when it comes to our health," Lee told Black Enterprise during an interview shortly after the site launched. "I wanted to create the site to bring [public health] resources to the community."

Valentines? Aww shucks...

Thank you to whoever thought of me.


Super delegates- the irony

Got to go into work now, but just thought I would drop this off here.

Ironically, Tad Devine, Sanders' top adviser, who was instrumental in the creation of the superdelegate process, defended their existance.

"It's pretty hard to win a nomination in a contested race and almost impossible to win without the superdelegeates," Devine said in 2008 in an interview on NPR.

Now, Devine's boss, who is running on an anti-establishment message is losing the superdelegate race.


It's just the way I see it....

....ungracious in defeat, even more so in victory. The Hillary hate still outweighs the Bernie love. They simply can't tell the difference.

Bernie's Supporters

Upon reading DU every day for the last couple of weeks, this is my impression.

Bernie's supporters after a primary loss:

Compare to....
Bernie's supporters after a primary win:

Bernie Sanders is great, but.....

Bernie Sanders is great, but.....

some of his most vocal supporters are becoming a problem
August 12, 2015 By Allen Clifton


But my biggest concern with Sanders hasnít really been that heíll win the nomination, itís that heíll build up expectations from many liberals just enough to where if he eventually loses, itís going to deflate enthusiasm and hand Republicans the White House next year. And based on how radical quite a few of his supporters have become, thatís exactly what seems to be happening. If you donít believe me, let me show you what I mean. From what Iíve been experiencing (and the feedback Iíve gotten from many other liberals as well), many Sanders supporters are radical, aggressive and sometimes even borderline ďbully-ishĒ when it comes to anyone who might dare doubt anything to do with Bernie Sanders. So, I decided to comb through the comments sections on just two articles Iíve written:

5 Things Hillary Clinton Must Change About Her Campaign

5 Pros and Cons to Bernie Sanders the Presidential Candidate

Keep in mind that the following comments came from just these two articles:

Read more at: http://www.forwardprogressives.com/bernie-sanders-great-supporters-problem/

From August, but still relevant, if not more so, and I really don't think Sanders is all that great.

am i right about this?

we now know it haAs beeN reveALed that upOn the election of barack obama as president of the united states, the republican party vowed to halt, disrupt, or destroy any leGislation the president put forth in an effort to ruin him, and to make their partY(stop) look good. even if it was what republicans actually wanted, it was soundly fought, and rejected. It did not matter whether he was right or wrong, and it did not matter if lies, cherry picking, and distortion of facts were used to accomplish their goal. What did matter was that there were enough willfully ignorant people to buy into their crap. Thankfully enough didn't, and he was elected to a second term, although, they haven't stopped trying.

Just sayin'

Nail....Meet Hammer

The Daily Banter

Face It Sanders Fans, Youíd Turn On Bernie In a Heartbeat If He Actually Won the White House
Chez Pazienza on September 09, 2015

"Itís tough not to admire Bernie Sanders. Heís a ferocious advocate for his constituents and the middle and working class as well as a guy willing to openly identify as a socialist in a country thatís always considered that a dirty word. Sanders is a genuinely decent guy and his voice in the Senate has been an invaluable one. He doesnít mince words or pander and he doesnít worry about much other than representing voters to the best of his abilities and sticking to his political guns as best he can. Even if you disagree with his worldview he deserves a good amount of respect for walking the walk in terms of being a man of the people.

With all of this in mind itís easy to see why Sanders has a legion of supporters for his 2016 presidential campaign ó and why those supporters are largely the kind of people youíve already unfriended on Facebook because they wonít shut the fuck up about how Bernie is the Great Liberal Messiah come to save us all."

The rest here:

"Dynasty" Am I wrong here?

Because it just bugs me. Thanks

"It's her turn", "the anointed one", "the coronation". I have to wonder why Bernie's supporters have to invent false memes to prop up their support for him. Isn't it enough to be honest in criticism as well as support? By the way, the definition of "dynasty" is actually available to anyone in any respected dictionary. Personally, I would like to see a link to the dictionary that defines the word as one husband, duly elected, and one wife, duly elected. If Hillary is the next president, it won't be because she inherited the position, and it most certainly will not be because her husband appointed her. This kind of dishonest bullshit won't get Bernie any closer to the nomination either. (Don't Take the last sentence wrong. Hillary has got this!:thumbsup

What I think about HRC

I think she is doing extremely well........when one takes into consideration she is up against two fronts of opposition who have two different endgame goals silently joining forces to achieve the short term goal to their mutual benefit.
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