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Bernie Sanders is great, but.....

Bernie Sanders is great, but.....

some of his most vocal supporters are becoming a problem
August 12, 2015 By Allen Clifton


But my biggest concern with Sanders hasnít really been that heíll win the nomination, itís that heíll build up expectations from many liberals just enough to where if he eventually loses, itís going to deflate enthusiasm and hand Republicans the White House next year. And based on how radical quite a few of his supporters have become, thatís exactly what seems to be happening. If you donít believe me, let me show you what I mean. From what Iíve been experiencing (and the feedback Iíve gotten from many other liberals as well), many Sanders supporters are radical, aggressive and sometimes even borderline ďbully-ishĒ when it comes to anyone who might dare doubt anything to do with Bernie Sanders. So, I decided to comb through the comments sections on just two articles Iíve written:

5 Things Hillary Clinton Must Change About Her Campaign

5 Pros and Cons to Bernie Sanders the Presidential Candidate

Keep in mind that the following comments came from just these two articles:

Read more at: http://www.forwardprogressives.com/bernie-sanders-great-supporters-problem/

From August, but still relevant, if not more so, and I really don't think Sanders is all that great.

am i right about this?

we now know it haAs beeN reveALed that upOn the election of barack obama as president of the united states, the republican party vowed to halt, disrupt, or destroy any leGislation the president put forth in an effort to ruin him, and to make their partY(stop) look good. even if it was what republicans actually wanted, it was soundly fought, and rejected. It did not matter whether he was right or wrong, and it did not matter if lies, cherry picking, and distortion of facts were used to accomplish their goal. What did matter was that there were enough willfully ignorant people to buy into their crap. Thankfully enough didn't, and he was elected to a second term, although, they haven't stopped trying.

Just sayin'
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