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Member since: Wed Apr 7, 2004, 08:18 AM
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Herschel Walker enters the field of politics..

If he loses, he is relegated to football history. If, and it's a big if he was to win, his handlers will have a full-time job manipulating the puppet strings.

Arkansas medical marijuana guest pass

This might be old news, I don't know, but I'm posting it anyway.

The difference between arkansas medical marijuana program and Louisiana,s is like night and day. The last purchase I made in Arkansas cost me $96, and a short 3-hour round trip. Tons more variety, and in store shopping. Just as a comparison I did the math on my local Louisiana dispensary where the same amount of a lesser quality would have cost me $238. The Doctor who approved my card for Louisiana was the person who turned me on to this program. It is well worth the drive and the cost for me. Arkansas has a medical marijuana program. Louisiana has a highway robbery program.

Other states in the country may have an agreement like this. You can check your state to see if it's available.

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