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sofa king

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Member since: Wed Apr 14, 2004, 04:27 PM
Number of posts: 10,857

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It's an interesting indicator of how screwed Romney really is.

If Romney had the right-wing authoritarians in the bag, he could simply allow his surrogates to keep the "unAmerican Obama" balloon in the air for him.

But he doesn't have them in the bag yet, just as RWA voters were unenthusiastic about John McCain in 2008. Without their unusually high turnout, McCain lost and so too will Romney.

Now Romney has to earn credibility with the knuckledraggers by stomping in the "unAmerican Obama" shitpile.

Every time Romney does that, unfortunately for him, he also alienates a certain number of undecided voters who know for sure that issue is a bunch of crap, and motivates others to make sure they are registered to vote against him.

RWAs comprise 23% of the voting population and turn out in numbers that amplify their importance far beyond that. No modern Republican can win a statewide or national election without their unquestioning support, which is why the GOP has drifted ever further to the right.

Romney now has to risk losing reasonable voters to gain the trust of the Brownshirts. Whatever you think of the strategy, the time for Romney to have won their support has long since passed.

The fact that Romney is still trying to win the support of the Republican base, despite pouring in massive money, time and effort into gaming the primary system in his favor, means he has already failed in a tangible and highly significant way.

As of today, I'm adding +4 electoral votes to President Obama in my prediction for November, now up to 413.

A clever move.

I'm going to go by the time-honored Bush rule of "never tell the truth," and guess that what Jeb is really up to is this.

Publicly, he displays interest in being VP.

Privately, he tells the Romney people to fuck off and he will never take the job.

Bush generates public interest in himself and a non-useful uptick in interest for Romney, to be followed by a post-convention downturn of disappointment.

Then Romney picks someone else, gets his ass whipped, and every knuckledragger in the country spews, "he wood of one if heda pickled Jbeb," all over the Internet for four years.

And Satan, laughing, spreads his wings.

It'll be 65-35 by November.

If you think it's ugly now, wait until we drag the Republicans through their tax-cut cesspool all summer long, and they have to repeatedly block an extension for the middle class to try to pay off their rich benefactors.

When voters figure out they'll have to pay out of their own pocket to elect one of these Republican doofuses, it's over.

Heheh. Suckers.

Well over a year ago ago I called President Obama in a landslide, and my guess has only been reinforced since then.

How did I do it? What amazing magic did I use to foresee what the Republicans can only see now?

I read the fucking legislation the Republicans had signed.

Which, apparently, not one of the forty million active Republicans in the country did. I suspect it is because they assumed that any agreement they made could be subsequently broken.

But it can't, because Reid, Pelosi, and Obama correctly anticipated that breaking prior agreements would be the Republicans' first priority in the 112th Congress, and crafted the legislation so that it could not be pried apart.

This is the most important lesson President Obama has taught us. They can have all the money. They can buy the media and attempt to control the debate. But Republicans cannot fight Democrats legislatively, because the only thing they know about legislation is how to manipulate it for profit.

They are too criminally incompetent to foresee the complications their own greed creates--and too greedy to notice how criminally incompetent they are. President Obama has turned the base nature of the GOP against itself, and now they not only teeter on the brink of defeat, but I am beginning to wonder whether or not they face the prospect of fractionation and perhaps even the breakdown of our two-party system.

Close enough to steal.

Judging by the way things have gone so far, that means Romney wins it in the press, then gives it back later.

Woohoo! I think I called it!

October 28, 2008 (a week before the election):

(Senator) Obama's really got his shit together, and very well may be a two-term President....

I think there is a chance that Obama can win some of those authoritarians, by forcing them to redefine the majority of which they are a part to include a bad motherfucker like Obama
and themselves. It won't make them responsible voters, but it might make them happier, less fearful, and less hateful.


It's much more fun to watch them steal from each other.

Seagulls rapacious
They fight over a corndog
They will steal yours, too
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