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sofa king

sofa king's Journal
sofa king's Journal
July 28, 2012

Mitt: The only documented case of voter fraud in 2010!

Mitt's going to have to stay overseas for awhile, because he's too ironic to pass through a metal detector.

July 27, 2012

Romney's people are debating how to travel home.

They've narrowed it down to either the Hindenberg, or the Titanic.

July 23, 2012

I think the problem is only going to get worse, too.

Forget, for the moment, that there is probably still a 500 year old blunderbuss that can be cleaned up and used, and that there are millions of guns already properly stored, packaged, and hidden which will certainly be functional for much of the rest of this century and some of them just as certainly will be functional for hundreds of years.

That's the easy problem.

The hard problem is this: There are thousands of designs and drawings which have been in the public domain for decades, which can already be translated into CAD files.

And there are already three-dimensional printers which can make the parts needed for individual gun designs. It is already happening.

It won't be long before someone creates a 3D printer which can recreate some or all of itself, meaning it will be simple to set up a miniature armory anywhere, one which can grow exponentially to meet demand, one which can make firearms from classic designs, or from new ones, with nearly impossible to identify machining marks (the illicit manufacturer can simply interchange parts in the printers so that none bear the same machining marks).

No high-capacity clips? You can make one in your basement overnight. Want to kill off guns by restricting the manufacture or sale of critical parts of them that wear out, like firing pins or cartridges? Soon, the high school kid down the street can make and sell new ones.

If guns were already banned, we would be in one hell of a mess not dissimilar to our war on drugs (and yes, I'm sure the cartels will be pushing this technology off the bat). But as it happens, our society may be better adapted to the wild-west insanity that awaits than some others where totalitarian governments maintain their power from the barrel of a gun.

Soon, nobody is going to be able to control guns, anywhere, ever again.

So we as a people had better figure out how to control ourselves, how to raise our level of discourse and our ability to peacefully settle our grievances so that violence is less often an option, how to spot those who do not know how to ask for help before they explode in violence, how to take care of each other so that people cannot fall to the level of desperation where they feel the need to take up arms to survive or carve out a better place for themselves in society.

Because if people have to do that, they can, and they will, and nobody can stop that now.

July 14, 2012

So we get to keep asking, "what's under the rock?"

The crime is always larger than the cover-up. It is both fair and rational to assume that in cases where one is evading the release of documents which would answer a particular question definitively, which is what Romney is doing.

It is also perfectly reasonable to point that out ad nauseum.

It is not a personal attack. It is correctly pointing out evasive behavior which is almost certainly concealing a darker secret, one which the American people require to be answered if they are to make an informed decision.

If this were merely a question of alienating the public by disclosing how wealthy he is, Romney could have easily taken on a Daddy Warbucks persona five years ago, thrown some money around to carefully selected demographics, and turned his wealth into a political asset. He did not, and he did not even try.

So Mitt is definitely hiding something, and it is something big enough that he is willing to take a torpedo in the side to avoid disclosing it.

Naturally, I and several million other Americans like me suddenly want to know what that is. Not good for Mitt.

July 9, 2012

Welcome to the glorious other dropping shoe!

Nobody could have possibly predicted the near-total defeat of the Republican Party in this election, over this issue, eighteen months ago:




Except the President, and some other schmuck.

Remember that the Republicans are bought and paid for to deliver really only one issue to the filthy rich: keep their taxes low. They CANNOT allow the bush tax cuts to be split into two parts.

So they will be forced to block the middle class tax cuts until tax cuts for the rich are included.

Once Republican voters realize they can pay themselves by staying home, you get this:

And hell yes, I'm gloating. I had to listen to a good chunk of all of you and everyone else I knew laugh at me as I've been crowing that this election is over because of this simple little maneuver.

I was right the whole time, and the rest of you can SUCK IT! And my billable rate is now $300 an hour.

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