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sofa king

sofa king's Journal
sofa king's Journal
June 30, 2015

An early fight between the fat guys is possible.

I consider Jeb! to be the primary suspect in the question of who, exactly, dropped Bridge-gate on Christie, and if they don't know for sure I'm sure the Christie people also think Jeb! is the culprit. Long ago I predicted that the mole would wind up in Jeb!'s camp, so we'll see about that soon enough, too....

The reason Jeb! needed to torpedo Christie so early was because of all these mooks Christie was the only one with a solid long term plan that was showing results.

Christie used a Senatorial appointment to gain his personal representative permanent Senate floor access, and carefully played his cards to win himself the Chair of the most powerful lobbyist group in the US, the National Governors' Association. He has surely been using that position to solidify his national network and also freeze out most other potential gubernatorial candidates (remember that Republican voters are very partial to governors over other politicians, probably because of the authoritarianism their offices command).

One possible strike back would be for Christie to secretly back the entry of yet another candidate into the fray: current Florida governor and nakedly ambitious sociopath Rick Scott. Christie could use Scott as a poop-throwing proxy, and Scott's doomed candidacy would be sure to ablate and disaffect a few Florida voters away from Jeb!, and also do us a favor at the same time, so let's hope for that.

June 30, 2015

Remember that Richard Scarry story?

Where they keep packing vermin into the airplane until it splits down the seam, and the boa constrictor has to hold the plane together so that it can fly?

Well, the Republican Party is not lacking in snakes, so there's always room for one more.

June 5, 2015

Chafee ain't no damned Democrat.

He was the guy you could count on to come down on your side, when it didn't fucking count.

Look at his voting record and you will see that Chafee's votes against the herd only came down when that bill was sure to pass (thanks in large part to fake Democrats on the other side of the Senate aisle, but that's another story). Use of force in Iraq; same-sex marriage; partial-birth abortion; Medicare Part D; blah blah blah. Bullshit.

Look at where it counted like in packing the courts with insane judges or not investigating W for his myriad crimes or approving criminal budgets which didn't account for war expenses, and he was all for it, every time, the good little soldat making sure that the criminals in charge got rich and safely away.

Fuck that guy. He deserves only our scorn, and we would be fools to imagine someone this morally corrupted could serve honorably as a Democrat. Mark my words on that, he will dishonor our party as surely as he did theirs.

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