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sofa king

sofa king's Journal
sofa king's Journal
August 8, 2016

I think they can....

We can check the rules here:


But I've already spent a lot of time with them. The upshot is this: the Chairman of the RNC, Penis Rebus or whoever, can call a meeting at any time. In that meeting, they can change their procedures and rules in pretty much any way. We're talking Republicans here: rules exist to facilitate whatever the hell they want to do, not prevent them from doing it.

Rule No. 9 explains how replacing a candidate would work: call a meeting, not sooner than five days ahead, pretend to decide whether to hold another convention or not (they won't), then have the 150+ Members of the Committee pick Karl Rove's backdoor choice. States that buck up and resist have their delegate proxy votes split evenly among everyone else.

Note in particular what I mean about facilitating, not preventing. Here is the loophole they left for themselves:

The Republican National Committee is hereby authorized and empowered to fill any and all vacancies which may occur by reason of death, declination, or otherwise of the Republican candidate for President of the United States...

"Or otherwise" can probably be as simple as having the Committee declare the candidate to be unqualified, "by reason of being an asshole," for example.

It's a court full of wolves in kangaroo clothing, and this is exactly what the Committee has wanted all year. They can get it done, and they can get it done by next Friday, easily.

I still think they will. I still think Trump is going to be "persuaded" to resign this Friday. But I'll tell you the truth: as long as he stays fifteen points behind, I'll be disappointed to see him go, because this is shaping up to be the biggest landslide I've ever seen.

August 2, 2016

Trump is going down

I am telling all of you right now, this masterful President, who knows his job so damned well that nothing under his direct control has gone astray of the law in seven glorious years, would not have stepped into this race in this manner unless it was a matter of pressing national security.

Now the entire focus of the media and the federal government is being turned against Donald Trump, because he is a patsy for the Russians, because he did violate the terms of the legally binding agreements he signed in order to get a Presidential Daily Briefing, and because he is now known to be a national security risk.

Not a bullshit batted-around-in-the-press-for-a-year teapot tempest of a security risk, but a clear and present danger that must be stopped.

Trump is being walked out now so that we don't have to frog-march him out, before he can destroy this nation. That is why the President is directly appealing to the leadership of Trump's own party to get him out. And worse still, the first fuckin' thing Trump did in response is send his accomplices out and tell them to clean their guns.

The pressure is going to continue to mount against him until he decides that the better "deal," for which Trump always fishes, is to leave now rather than go up the river entirely. But if he doesn't, he's going down one way or the other, with or without the help of the Republican Party, and they have to decide right now whether or not they are going to land on the correct side of the law--for once--or move into direct opposition to the federal government as their spiritual forebears the Confederates did.

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