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Member since: Thu Apr 15, 2004, 06:56 PM
Number of posts: 795

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Freud had some...questionable...theories, but he was entirely correct about the damage done...

...by a traumatic childhood. By numerous accounts, Anne Heche went through hell. The real tragedy is that she never found the healing she needed and had numerous downward spirals in her life. And the drug abuse sure didn't help. RIP.

Not the bees!

From a terrible movie (Nic Cage in the completely unnecessary remake of The Wicker Man).

Whatever will Chanel Rion do with herself now?

She's going to have to get a real job, not a make-work sinecure position at ONAN...er...OANN. But I'm probably wrong about that. She'll just find another billionaire sugar-daddy-funded "news" network. Though I recall hearing that Rion doesn't get along with the execrable Emerald Robinson, so Chanel won't be able to co-host with her on LindellTV.


What I can't believe is that Ms. Crockett hasn't been canned from her sinecure job...

...at the Center of the American Experiment. She has made any number of career-ending gaffes and outright racist and anti-Semitic statements. In addition to her sinecure make-work position at CAE, she is also VP and general counsel at the Charlemagne Institute. This "think" tank is obsessed with "Western Civilization" and "Greco-Roman ideals and values", which are giant dog whistles to the alt-right morons. Charlemagne Institute also appears closely affiliated with Catholic rad-tradism (check out the Our Sunday Visitor link to a thoroughly uncritical, fawning article; OSV is a Catholic radtrad paper for those who feel that the official Archdiocesan newspaper is too liberal).


One of the fishier things is that "Explore Talent" website...

...that featured so many of the crazies, at least the female ones. I don't know if MTG was on it, but Boebert definitely was, as was the execrable Emerald Robinson, who was a "reporter" for OANN and NewsMax, and now with LindellTV.

"ExploreTalent.com" reminds me of what started happening in the '90s, when the out-of-shape stuffed shirts running the "think" tanks clearly realized that they didn't look good on TV and started hiring a lot of young blondes and coaching them on movement conservative talking points. So we got Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Monica Crowley, Barbara Olson, etc. Randi Rhodes called them the "right-wing Fembots". A lot of them ended up at Fox News.

What is clear about "ExploreTalent.com" is that no talent is actually there to explore! It has little or nothing to do with show biz. A few reporters and bloggers looked into it for a while and found even more connections to the Trump regime and movement conservatism in general.


It's been clear for a long time now that the worst people (psychopaths, etc.) are being allowed...

...to rise to the highest positions of power. And here, we're not just talking about politics. Look at what's been going on in the business world since at least the '80s.

Oh, boy...wait 'til the incels and MRA/PUAs get a look at this one.

She's like a stereotype of what you see them complaining about on We Hunted the Mammoth (a blog that parodies the incel/MRA/PUA "movement", such as it is).

Oh, the grammar/spelling issues are a nice touch too. Nothing like overconfidence while tweeting. Pride goeth before the fall.

https://wehuntedthemammoth.com (site appears down)
https://twitter.com/DavidFutrelle (WHTM author)

They may have accessed a device as part of a plea deal, etc. Ali Alexander was repeatedly...

...deposed. I remember he got served a summons to a new deposition immediately after leaving one he just completed! The Feds probably made him a deal he couldn't refuse in order to save his own sorry ass. That probably meant handing over all his devices, unlocked and with everything in plaintext (i.e. no encryption). Alexander was at some of the most important meetings including ones that Roger Stone attended.

That is definitely how they got access to all the messages of the Proud Boy morons. The Feds infiltrated the organizations. That's usually the best way to get access in the age of strong encryption: get them to trust you and give you a device (or give you access to their systems).

You're welcome. I don't really follow him much, but I was introduced to his show...

...on DU. Being relatively young, Pakman keeps on top of some of the dumber trends, like the garbage 4Chan/8Kun "culture". What set him off here, I believe, was the "Coomer" meme, which was really big on the Chans and Reddit thanks to the alt-right. This was around the same time of that moronic "Clown World" meme, which should serve to date the approximate time this clip came out (probably a couple of years ago).

It was pretty absurdly funny that the guy running Dominion was coincidentally named Eric Coomer, and between that and Sidney Powell droning on and on about Antifa conspiring with Joe Biden, well, you see the result.

She totally cracked up David Pakman with her moronic election "fraud" allegations.

The crackup starts when Powell mentions "[Dominion] patent holder Eric Coomer". The "Coomer" meme (unrelated to Coomer's name) was the latest idiotic fad with the alt-right at the time, which is probably what got Pakman going.

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