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"Cheap grace" is at the heart of it. And what Ted Kennedy called "Neanderthal justices".


The book was written by a Protestant (Bonhoeffer), but the "doctrine of cheap grace" is most often an accusation made by Catholics arguing with Evangelical Protestants, particularly those of the Southern Baptist and/or fundamentalist variety. The "name it and claim it"/"blab it and grab it"/"Gospel of health and wealth" Christians--nearly all of them nondenominational Protestants--usually get the most severe criticism from Catholics. By the way, this is one of the only things that liberal and radtrad Catholics agree on (somewhat). Of course, so many radtrads have jumped on the Trump Train that they have precious little moral street cred left at this point.

Then there are the "Neanderthal justices", a term coined by Ted Kennedy after the whole Bork disaster. Drumpf made it clear that he would rubber-stamp whatever court appointments Charles Koch and the Federalist Society wanted. That's all they care about. A very few conservative Christian leaders warned their followers about Trump's degenerate lifestyle over the years, but no one listened.

One of the most important things I ever heard was a talk by Robert McChesney,...

a professor at UIUC and media critic. (From 2002-2012, he hosted the Media Matters radio show, not to be confused with the Media Matters for America group). McChesney discussed post-WWII history; how one of the first things the Allies did was break up the media monopolies of the Axis powers, arguing that media concentration aids and abets fascism. He further argued that we need a taste of our own medicine. And in fact, we used to have some pretty good laws and regulations about media concentration, most of which have been repealed.

They have already started the PR push. The execrable EWTN (radtrad Catholic) network...

...has begun a full-court press on school vouchers. All the "think" tank assholes, retrograde archbishops like Timothy Dolan, etc. were featured on their program In Depth, which served as an hour-long propaganda piece on school "choice".

The next step will be gay rights; they haven't been screaming about that for a while, probably because they were slaving like stevedores covering the repeal of Roe. Contraception is already under attack--the radtrads have a favorite thought-terminating cliché: the "contraceptive mentality", whatever that is.

There was actually a Howard Stern episode where Drumpf spoke openly...

...about pressuring Marla Maples to abort Tiffany. I recall the quote was something like "what are you gonna do about it?". I can't imagine it was the first time in his life he broached that subject.

Ah, yes, Nick Fuentes, who whines about "cultural degeneracy" while livestreaming...

...his "date" with Catboy Kami. Hey, it's a free country, but you don't get taken seriously by doing both things at once. You also don't get much street cred as a white supremacist when your name is Fuentes.

See reply #6. You're correct, the approach was really crude. It didn't work on educated people...

...and probably wasn't designed to. What was sophisticated was the micro-profiling, especially when Cambridge Analytica was able to get access to the Facebook APIs (which until recently were wide open). It worked on the rubes; CA really knew how to push their buttons. You should see all the garbage produced by these people: the Reddit groups and their spinoffs (the ".win" sites) alone are just mind-blowing in terms of the wasted time and talent and wild goosechases by the rubes.

Yeah, it was no "Thorn Birds" or "Winds of War", either. And of course, today we're dealing with...

...a capitalist (or rather, crony-capitalist) Russia, not the Soviet Union, the Cold War is over, and things should be much better now.

Truth be told, the sophistication of the Russian psyops was mostly the way it was micro-targeted through the unsecured software of Facebook, etc. Their software APIs were basically "hacked"--if you can call it that, because they were pretty much wide open--by bad actors like Cambridge Analytica and other Russian-affiliated groups. The propaganda itself was really crude, which is why it appealed to the rather...lumpenproletariat...Drumpf voters. Hence the rube from Appalachia who shot up the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant in DC: he had just got a dial-up internet connection and started visiting conspiracy sites on Facebook. But Cambridge Analytica really knew how to push their buttons thanks to the kind of micro-profiling that Facebook does (and to which CA had access).

"Amerika" was also the name of a miniseries in the late '80s about a Soviet...

...conquest (largely bloodless) of the United States. The miniseries was pretty cheesy, and it seemed far-fetched then, but little did we know how sophisticated Russian propaganda and psyops would become--and how gullible many Americans are. Pizzagate, QAnon, 4Chan/8Chan/whatever the hell they call it now, etc., who would have believed what we've seen over the last few years?


P.S. You will need to copy/paste the link manually in your browser; I can't figure out how to format it in the DU software to make it "clickable".

Yep. The hypocrisy of Schlafly is how she slaved...

...like a stevedore making speeches, writing articles, and running political campaigns attempting to convince women to give up the hard-fought rights they had just gained...and go back to being housewives and baby machines. Meanwhile, Schlafly is working 80-hour weeks, jet-setting across the country (and world)...a traitor to feminism.

You are correct in your diagnosis. It's basically the same thing, but it's about white supremacy and race this time.

And MTG thinks her life is in danger because of some stickers...

...on her office sign.

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