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Member since: Thu Apr 15, 2004, 06:56 PM
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That's pretty funny about the lack of Biblical literacy among Evangelical followers...

...because I'm used to hearing their abuse directed at Catholics for the exact same thing (and there is historical precedent for that before the days of the printing press). The Evangelicals are always going after the Catholics for that. But I can't say I'm surprised about their own illiteracy and the personality cult nature of their followers; we've sure seen plenty of it.

There is a whole cottage industry (actually, it's more like big business these days) in "apologetics", where the deluded followers of various denominations argue incessantly with each other over whose version of the truth actually is the TRVTH, forever and ever amen. They have books, CDs, TV shows, etc. devoted to this. And not just Protestants; the execrable EWTN network must devote at least 50% of their time attempting to convert Evangelicals to their brand of reactionary Catholicism.

Ironically, some of the most reactionary "radtrad" Catholics absolutely hate EWTN because so many of the "stars" on that network are converts from Protestantism, and are therefore apostates.

It's likely some of our allies might get involved. That certainly happened during Civil War 1.0.

However, the problem that has been stated here many times is that most states are purple, with some very bright red and blue areas but a lot of the in-between as well. Any kind of split or balkanization would be a mess.

I think our best hope is to shame the MAGA fans back under the rocks from whence they came. Some of them, maybe a lot of them, never voted until Drumpf came along and gave them permission to be in-your-face uncouth, misogynist, racist, homophobic, etc. If things get uncomfortable enough (e.g. they face real consequences like getting fired, preferably by one of their "purple-haired lesbian SJW from HR" stereotypes), they might decide that their MAGA LARPing isn't worth it and finally wise up. They might also come to realize that Drumpf doesn't GAF about them or their lot in life.

It's not just mRNA technology that uses cell lines like HEK ("aborted" cells)...

...it's just about any kind of biotechnology or pharmaceutical you might use (including shingles vaccine, Tylenol, Zoloft, and Lipitor). "Aborted" cells are used in the production of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine (one that doesn't use mRNA technology) as well as the Regeneron monoclonal antibody treatment for Covid.


He forgot to paint the guy holding the Bible upside down and backwards, like...

...his hero Drumpf.

Apparently McNaughton sells really expensive prints of his paintings. I wonder if you can get them on black velvet? I need one to hang next to a velvet Elvis I've got!

Yep. He knows what he's doing. All the conspiracy theorists seem to be obsessed with the mRNA...

...technology in the new vaccines. The execrable Emerald Robinson got fired from NewsMax for being too extreme (!) in her antivax "reporting"; much of it was preoccupied with mRNA technology. NewsMax began requiring a Covid vaccination shortly after Fox News did. Robinson made so many shrill, ridiculous antivax tweets that NewsMax had no choice but to fire her after those tweets became international news. Another NewsMax "reporter", Steve Cortes, was fired for the same reason.

Stochastic terrorism.


By the way, WTF is a "perfect" phone call?! Hasn't Drumpf used that expression...

...on multiple occasions? Is his vocabulary so impoverished that he needs to use these non-sequitur expressions all the time? I've never heard anyone else describe a phone call as "perfect".

This is "co-belligerence", where radtrad Catholics and fundamentalist Protestants...

...make common cause even when they otherwise hate each other. (For example, Catholics have been extremely underrepresented in the leadership of most religious right groups, so they eventually created their own, especially when it came to the abortion issue). The "abnormal lifestyle choice" nonsense is extremely close to radtrad Catholic language. Their favorite thought-terminating cliché is "intrinsically disordered lifestyle". It is a constant mantra on EWTN, (Ir)-Relevant Radio, etc. Now it's finding its way into the GOP platform.

The far-right radtrads at Church Militant go after Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.

It's pretty funny to see the zealots at Church Militant battling the "Rev" Peterson. It's a real cringefest, and strangely enjoyable at the same time. (Extra credit cringe for that "BOND villain" line). As the kids say, "let them fight!".

Amazing Disgrace: The Secret Life of Conservative Icon Jesse Lee Peterson

Jesse Lee Peterson is a self-described pastor. Church Militant's Joseph Enders uncovers the alleged homosexual grooming and purported spiritual predation that turned the founder of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND) into a BOND villain.


There's a minority, backed by reactionary billionaires, that make a lot of noise...

...on their various paid-for platforms nobody watches or listens to like EWTN and (Ir)-Relevant Radio. That doesn't keep them from "trying to tell the world how it should spin", as the song goes. They may be approaching the point of delusional overconfidence. The rank-and-file laity doesn't give a shit and they are sick of hearing this garbage all the time.
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