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Member since: Thu Apr 15, 2004, 06:56 PM
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Wow, he really kicks out all the old tired jams: triple parentheses, the Rothschilds, ...

...and feminism = Da Jooz. These alt-right morons just check every box when it comes to stereotypes. The only things that I didn't see mention of are radtrad Catholicism and chicken tendies. The article does mention his pathetic MRA/PUA "business":

"He also manages his own business called Big Boyz Shorts, which bills itself as a subscription service 'to provide meaningful and inspiring stories about manhood' and to encourage 'chaotic boys' to become 'young orderly men' and 'creative patriarchs.' "

So another box checked: grifting your gullible manchildren followers.

The alt-right obsession with Da Jooz has to be the laziest conspiracy theory ever. Like, literally, it's "we can't think of anything else, so it's gotta be Jooz!". Reminds me of the "Blame Canada" skit from South Park.
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